7 Ways to Celebrate Your Goal Weight

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7 Ways To Celebrate Hitting Your Goal Weight

You have done it! You hit your goal weight. You worked hard, changed your lifestyle, made time to exercise and maybe even tried new foods. You dug deep when you needed a little extra motivation and stuck to the plan through the most tempting times. And it all paid off.

You deserve to treat yourself.

Here are some healthy ways you can celebrate reaching your goal weight:

1. Hit the town.

Enjoy a special night out to celebrate the new you! Dinner can of course be part of it, but focus your plans on the fun afterwards: Go dancing, see a concert, head to a comedy club or maybe do a bonfire on the beach. Pick something that’s out of your ordinary for an even more memorable evening.

2. Indulge in a little pampering.

For some that could mean a full-body massage, others a fancy facial and for extra tender loving care (TLC)—a day at the spa. But showing your body some appreciation doesn’t have to put a hole in your wallet. You could get a relaxing pedicure, which often includes a little skin scrub and mini foot massage. Or create a spa experience in your own home with some bath salts, candles and relaxing music. (And if you have kids, add in a babysitter.)

3. Refresh your look.

Clothes aren’t fitting the way they used to? Good! Ditch those worn-out leggings and buy yourself a well-fitting pair of jeans, try a new tank or tailored top. Or you can experiment with a new haircut, fresh color or even just a bold new shade of lipstick to complement your newfound confidence.

4. Visit your happy place.

Maybe it’s a nearby park or hiking trail, boardwalk or favorite building, or if you can swing it, your top vacation spot—plan to go to that place you love and spend time taking it all in, enjoying the space and relishing in your journey and success.

5. Get new gear.

To reward your work so far, and motivate you to stay the course, add some new tools to your healthy bag of tricks: a quality pair of yoga pants or mat, nice walking shoes or beautiful reusable water bottle, or splurge on something bigger—like a high-powered blender for smoothies and shakes, a road bike or even hiking poles. Click here to view some fitness gear must-have’s! >

6. Do a photo shoot.

Before your cringe, think about those times you hid from the camera, or volunteered to take the picture so you didn’t have to be in it. Consider this making up for lost time. Your photos can be casual or professional, of you alone or alongside family and friends—however you feel most comfortable. Having them taken can help boost your confidence, and show you how far you’ve come.

7. Sign up for a spartan…

Or bike tour, 5K or any competitive event. Celebrate your goal weight by showing yourself—and others—how fit you’ve become. It may even help inspire new health goals.

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