11 Delicious and Convenient Frozen Lunch Options From Nutrisystem

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11 Delicious and Convenient Frozen Lunch Options From Nutrisystem

There’s nothing quite like the convenience of heating up a frozen lunch for a super quick, satisfying meal. Whether you have to eat something quickly at home or the office, or you’re out-the-door and on-the-go at lunchtime, a frozen lunch option makes it easy. But most of the choices in the freezer section are packed with artificial ingredients and often have a lot of unnecessary fat and calories.

We know that convenience is important to you, but so is staying on track with your weight loss. That’s why we created some excellent frozen lunch options.

Here are the top 11 frozen lunch options from Nutrisystem that you should try:

1. Spicy Uncured Pepperoni Pizza Melt

Spicy Uncured Pepperoni Pizza Melt

This melt is like a pepperoni pizza all wrapped up in a flavorful crust—and it’s hard to believe that this option is one that can still fit into your Nutrisystem plan. With mozzarella cheese, pepperoni slices and a zesty tomato sauce, surrounded by a perfectly seasoned crust, this Pepperoni Pizza Melt will easily become one of your favorite lunches. It’s even an option that you can enjoy on-the-go!

2. Café-Style Creamy Tomato Soup

Café Style Creamy Tomato Soup

Dive spoon first into this velvety creamy tomato soup! Picture ripe, slow-stewed tomatoes mingling with rich parmesan cheese, savory chicken broth, and a touch of luxurious heavy cream. Each spoonful is a delightful blend of flavors, perfect for a cozy mid-day meal that warms you from the inside out.

3. Chicken Mozzarella Melt

Chicken Mozzarella Melt

Tender juicy chicken blended with seasoned tomatoes, low-fat mozzarella cheese and zesty tomato sauce make this flavorful melt a lunch favorite. While it’s big on taste, it’s perfectly portable and diet-friendly.

4. Classic Hamburger

classic hamburger

Who doesn’t enjoy a good burger for a filling and delicious lunch? But it’s usually a weight loss no-no to order a burger at a restaurant and most frozen options you could pick up at the grocery store are packed with calories and fat. But not this version. This all-beef patty, sandwiched between a whole wheat bun, is high in protein. It’s also big on flavor whether served with your favorite condiments or on its own.

5. Four Cheese Melt

Four Cheese Melt

This high-protein melt combines a blend of cheeses with zesty tomato sauce. It’s like a portable, diet-friendly pizza, but the amazing news is that you can enjoy it without any of the guilt you might have after a greasy slice. Plus, it’s got whole grains to leave you feeling full and satisfied.

6. BBQ Chicken Burrito

BBQ Chicken Burrito

This high protein, hand-held burrito blends delicious, barbecue-flavored white meat chicken with black beans, brown rice and mozzarella cheese. It’s all stuffed in a warm wheat flour tortilla that is easy to grab if you’re headed out the door or to just heat up for a quick meal at home.

7. Spinach and Cheese Pretzel Melt

Spinach and Cheese Pretzel Melt

This melt is big on flavor. If you like a good cheesy spinach dip, then you are going to absolutely love this melt. Spinach is mixed with mozzarella, fontina and parmesan cheeses inside of a delicious pretzel crust. People can hardly believe that it’s all part of a diet-friendly lunch. It’s definitely one that tastes too good to be true!

8. Grilled Chicken Sandwich

Grilled Chicken Sandwich

If you’re looking for a filling but diet-friendly lunch option that’s quick and easy, then this grilled chicken sandwich is the perfect pick for you. The white meat chicken is infused with flame-broiled flavor. Served on a hearty whole grain bun, this sandwich will keep you feeling full and satisfied. It’s also packed with protein to give you a great mid-day boost.

9. Southwest Fiesta Melt

Southwest Fiesta Melt

Looking for a plant-powered meal? Then this lunch option is for you! Featuring a blend of brown rice, black beans, corn, and melted jack cheese stuffed inside a hearty whole-wheat crust, this frozen lunch is loaded with a fiesta of flavor. It’s high in fiber, making it as strong in nutrition as it is in flavor.

10. Beef, Bean and Cheese Burrito

Beef, Bean and Cheese Burrito

If you’re into indulging in quick and convenient fast food options, our grab-and-go burrito is guaranteed to ring a bell. Imagine savoring each bite of this delectable lunch option, which features succulent Mexican-style seasoned beef, protein-packed black beans, wholesome brown rice, and gooey melted mozzarella cheese—all enveloped in a warm and soft tortilla wrap.

11. Meatball Parmesan Melt

Meatball Parmesan Melt

Reminiscent of a meatball sub, this hand-held lunch is surprisingly diet-friendly while still being totally delicious. Hearty meatballs, low-fat mozzarella and parmesan cheese are covered in a zesty tomato sauce and stuffed into a whole grain crust! Eat it on the go, at your desk or while you’re busy taking care of the kids. And you can feel good about your choice because it’s perfectly portioned and high in protein.

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