Nutrisystem Success: Healthy Weight Maintenance Made Easy

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Now that you’ve become one of Nutrisystem’s millions of success stories, we want to help you maintain that goal weight that you’ve worked so hard to reach. We’ve been with you every step of the way and we’re not leaving you now! That’s why we created Nutrisystem Success—to help you achieve healthy weight maintenance.

The next step in your weight loss journey

Nutrisystem Success is a simple transition program that helps you gradually replace your premade Nutrisystem meals with flex meals and healthy snacks that you make at home. With the Nutrisystem Success diet program, you get the tools and support you need for healthy weight maintenance and create the lifelong healthy habits that allow you to keep it off for good.

What you’ll Get

When you transition to the Nutrisystem Success program, you’re getting set up with exactly what you need to continue to succeed. That includes all the Nutrisystem food you choose, a Nutrisystem Success color-coded container set, a handy guide with nutrition and exercise tips and of course, ongoing support.

As you make a transition into this program, you’ll be able to continue ordering all of your favorite Nutrisystem meals and healthy snacks, while relying on our special containers to provide guidance for the healthy meals and snacks that you’ll make on your own. It’s the perfect combination of tools to make maintaining the success you had in your weight loss journey stick around.

The color-coded containers will help you count foods, making portion control not just easy, but also automatic. For example, simply fill the orange container with SmartCarbs, such as wild rice, and you’ve prepared the perfect serving size for your meal.

It eliminates the guesswork and the possibility of “calorie creeping,” that often transpires from misjudging serving size and unknowingly overeating. The handy guide we set you up with ensures you’ll incorporate this container system seamlessly into your lifestyle.

Best of all: It’s packed with healthy recipes, nutrition tips and fitness advice to keep you going strong.

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What you’ll Do

Once you transition over to the Nutrisystem Success program and you receive the container system and guide, you can start incorporating the system into your lifestyle right away. For those who are looking to maintain their weight, we recommend kicking up your physical activity to 60 minutes.

According to new findings from Harvard researchers at Brigham and Women’s Hospital, maintaining a goal weight for an extended period of time requires a full hour of moderate-level physical activity.

In fact, the 150 minutes a week of moderately-intense physical activity (achieved by a half hour per day, five days a week), currently recommended by the federal government, is not enough for weight-gain prevention without restricting caloric intake. In other words, in order to maintain a normal BMI and prevent weight gain, the activity really must be stepped up.

Of course, it shouldn’t be something that seems daunting. By now you’ve probably already found workouts or classes that you really like—ones that make you feel good! You can always get your exercise with an outdoor physical activity like biking, hiking or participating in a sport. Plus, you’ll have access to our Nutrisystem Success guide, which is chockfull of helpful workout advice and exercises you may not have considered.

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Why it’s so Important

We believe that maintaining the weight that you’ve worked so hard to lose is the most critical piece of your weight loss success story. That’s because Nutrisystem isn’t just a fad diet plan but a weight loss program that is meant to set you up for lifelong changes.Those who have already begun the Nutrisystem Success program say that their needs are continuing to be met, and that they’ve found healthy weight maintenance.

Success story Morgan R. admits she was scared to make the transition and start flexing meals. She felt that Nutrisystem had given her a structure that she had grown used to and that made it easy to lose weight. But she was afraid that if left on her own to make decisions, she would fall into old habits.

“The Nutrisystem Success program helped me make the transition with the structure that I needed,” Root says. “The color-coded containers made it easy for me to plan out my meals for the day and stay organized. I quickly realized that flexing meals was something I could do!”

Melissa V. says that the guide has set her up with tips that make decision-making easier and the containers have taken all of the uncertainty associated with portion control out of the equation. She says that newcomers to the Success diet program should feel no shame in needing that extra help. “Sometimes we all need a little help in life making healthy choices,” she adds. “This maintenance program helps in just that—keeping us on track with our goals. After all, we worked really hard to get to our goal weight. Why wouldn’t we take advantage of the help that the maintenance program provides?”

Ready to try Success? We’ve got you covered! If you’re a Nutrisystem customer ready to take the next step, click here. Not a current customer, but want an easy way to maintain your weight? Get started here.