Just 10 Pounds to Weight Loss Goal? How to Lose 10 Pounds and Make it Happen

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Whether you’ve made it to 10 pounds left from a much larger weight loss goal or those stubborn 10 extra pounds have been your main weight loss goal all along, sometimes even a small weight loss goal can be incredibly frustrating. How many times have you heard someone say they just have those “last 10 pounds to lose”—but often that’s where they feel stuck. We caught up with Kristen Flynn, Nutrisystem dietary supervisor, to get her best tips for losing those last 10 pounds.

Ditch the daily weigh in.
Oftentimes “10 pounds left” is where we hear a lot of people plateau. Though plateaus are a normal part of weight loss, they can be tough to muddle through. Just as you find yourself super motivated to lose weight because you’re so close to your weight loss goal—it becomes frustrating because the shedding starts happening at a slower rate. Weighing yourself regularly will only drive you crazy. Instead focus on how you’re feeling and how your clothes are fitting. Reflecting on how far you’ve come will help keep you motivated. Getting motivated was the easy part in the beginning of the journey but staying motivated to reach your long-term goals becomes the true challenge. Have a heart-to-heart with yourself and practice “change talk.” Write down your weight loss goals and dreams—and reflect on how well you’ve done.

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Push to the next level.
If you already feel like you’re doing everything right diet-wise, it might be time to ramp up your fitness routine. We tell members every day that are looking to power through those last five to 10 pounds that they will want to try to speed up the cardio level or increase the weight resistance of their strength training. Pushing yourself just a little bit further can go a long way.

Change your routine.
Another trick with exercise is to add something new. If you’re the elliptical queen, try the treadmill this week. If you do Zumba at the fitness center, see what Yoga is all about next time. But it might not always be about the exercise. If you have been following your same dietary regimen—including the same foods day in and day out—it’s time to mix things up. Switch your lunch and dinner or opt for higher protein fuels. Bring some new life to your routine.

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Accept that it may take longer.
If you had a larger weight loss goal to start with, you were probably incredibly motivated to lose weight by how quickly the pounds came off in the beginning. But the less you have to lose, the more slowly it is going to come off. That one to two pounds per week you’ve experienced throughout the journey might transition to one to two pounds every two weeks. Accept that it’s normal—and keep going.

Take a reality check.
As difficult as it might be, ask yourself how realistic your weight loss goals are. If dropping those last 10 pounds puts you at the same weight you were when you graduated high school 20 years ago, ask yourself if you really need to be back to that weight. Embrace all of the other positive changes your body has shown you and consider those last 10 pounds more of a pipe dream. Make a list of the ways your life has improved since making dietary changes. Are you sleeping better? Has it gotten easier to climb a flight of stairs? Do you feel better about the way you look? Sometimes that number on the scale is perfectly happy where it’s at.

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