Nutrisystem Mix and Match Plan 101: Everything You Need to Know

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Flex Your Way Nutrisystem Plan

Life is busy and days are often jam-packed. That means we need to have options if we’re going to successfully stick to a healthy eating regimen for weight loss success. Although busy plans and schedules might sound like a good thing, when they don’t fit into our day, they can hold us back. While weight loss plans have always been quite rigid in their makeup, that’s all changing for the better with the Nutrisystem Mix and Match plan!

If the thought of a strict diet has been holding you back from starting your weight loss journey, then the new Nutrisystem Mix and Match plan—in which you can create the perfect diet for you—just may be a perfect fit.

The truth is, we recognize that the rigidity of a highly specific meal plan isn’t always the right path for everyone. While some people want those strict plans to follow, others find that lack of flexibility to be a challenge. This may cause them to put off the start date of their journey to better health and wellness. They would prefer a plan that fits into their lifestyle, even as it changes on a day-to-day basis.

It’s been with these very thoughts in mind that we’ve created the new Nutrisystem Mix and Match plan. In the past, the Nutrisystem journey has always begun with highly specific guidelines and progressed to being more flexible over time. But we’ve recognized that there are plenty of individuals who need more options from the start and we’re accommodating that in multiple ways.

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Here’s everything you need to know about our new Mix and Match weight loss plan:

Lose Weight, Not Choices

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The Nutrisystem Mix and Match plan is unique because you get to choose how often you eat Nutrisystem prepared meals and how often you cook your own healthy recipes. You can still incorporate plenty of our easy, perfectly-portioned dishes, which definitely simplify days or nights when you’re too busy to cook. But you don’t have to be pigeon-held to any specific days or meals.

Along with that, you can even choose meal preferences and healthy snacks that work best for you. Perhaps eating a healthy homemade breakfast is difficult for you, but you don’t have as much trouble preparing a healthy lunch or dinner. When building your program, you can choose more breakfasts than you do lunches or dinner. You can also change the configuration of meals and snacks before each shipment to suit your specific needs for that time.

After you choose the number of meals that you’d like, it’s time to pick your food! During the checkout process, you can hand-pick your meals from our full menu of frozen favorites and shelf-stable selections. If you have any special dietary needs, this is the time to customize. You’ll find a nutritional breakdown and ingredient list of each menu item on our website. Use the menu filters to exclude any ingredients that you want to avoid. Be sure to also reach out to a Weight Loss Coach prior to ordering if you have any questions or concerns about ingredients.

Flex Freedom

Nutrisystem Your Way

The Nutrisystem Mix and Match meal plan is still built on the same principles as our standard Nutrisystem plans. It’s still designed for weight loss and still delivers proven results that you can count on. However, you get to incorporate Flex meals and snacks according to your schedule. It’s the perfect mix of convenience and flexibility, designed to work with your life.

When you’re not enjoying your Nutrisystem meals and snacks, you’ll enjoy Flex meals and snacks. These are healthy options that you put together following the Nutrisystem-approved guidelines. They consist of PowerFuels, SmartCarbs and Vegetables. Refer to the Nutrisystem Grocery Guide for a comprehensive list of each category.

To ensure your weight loss stays on track, our nutrition experts provide an easy-to-follow meal plan to make things simple. You’ll receive a Quick Start Guide in your order that lays out the plan basics, a typical day on the program, Flex guidelines to follow and tips for success. Check out the Recipe section here on The Leaf Weight Loss Blog for tons of diet-friendly Flex meal and snack ideas! If you want to dine out with friends, our Dining Out Guide will quickly become your go-to.

Still have questions about Flex meals? Click here to learn more! >

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Easy Tracking

Nutrisystem Your Way

Keeping a comprehensive food journal can take just as much time as meal planning itself. But with one special tool, you can streamline the process and fit healthy eating into your busy schedule. Our FREE NuMi app does all the heavy lifting for you: Your meal plan is conveniently laid out in the easy-to-use journal so that you can quickly enter your daily menu. We even added a Quick Log feature so that you can log while on-the-go with a single tap. Keep track of your food, water and exercise in one organized location.

Our FREE NuMi app is also your go-to resource for all-thing Flex. You get easy access to The Leaf Weight Loss Blog for healthy recipes and tips for success. Your NuMi News Feed is also loaded with recipes, tips, support tools, weight loss challenges, special discounts and more. Click here to learn more about our Flex-friendly app! >

Fitness Your Way

Nutrisystem Your Way

While we all know that eating right is the key to success, staying active and getting in some exercise can also help with weight loss. Fitting in a long workout session can be difficult with work, kids and a busy schedule. But with the Mix and Match plan, all you need to worry about is moving 30 minutes each day. By splitting this up into three 10-minute increments, you can easily squeeze some activity into your busy schedule. You don’t need to go to the gym for hours to get fit and lose weight; simply choose an activity and do it for 10 minutes, three times a day, whenever it works for you.

Need some workout inspiration? Check out these 10-minute exercises that you can squeeze into your busy schedule! >

Support = Success

Nutrisystem Your Way

Of course, Nutrisystem has built its reputation on amazing support and guidance. It’s important to note that just because we’re letting you call the shots, that does not mean you’re on your own. Our nutrition team will still be providing guidelines for Flex meals, as well as free tips and recipes that help support your home-cooked meals, too.

For some amazing recipes that make flex meals easy and delicious, click here! > The Leaf recipe page also has endless healthy meal prep options as well as helpful wellness tips from our nutrition and recipe experts.

One of the reasons that we have so many Nutrisystem Success Stories is that we provide so much support. Even if you choose this less structured plan, our Weight Loss Coaches are still available to help make your weight loss journey easy and successful. Reach out to them by phone, chat and email for support. Be sure to also follow Nutrisystem on social media channels to connect with an online community filled with real people rooting for your success!

We understand that you want a convenient meal plan that will work with your busy lifestyle—but you don’t want it to sacrifice your results. That’s why we’ve developed this plan in a way that doesn’t mean you have to compromise weight loss success.

In the end, you truly can have the best of both worlds. You can see success on your weight loss journey while maintaining the flexibility and delicious meal plan choices that fit into your busy lifestyle.

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