NuMi Helps Users Reach Their Weight Loss Resolutions

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Have you forgotten about your New Year’s resolution yet? According to a survey of over 2,000 people conducted by OnePoll on behalf of Nutrisystem, around 91% of survey respondents say that they typically give up on their New Year’s weight loss resolutions before the end of January or 28 days after making them.

Despite past failures, around 71% of these same survey respondents planned on pursuing weight loss goals in 2021. Statista reports that the most popular 2021 New Year’s resolutions among Americans planning to make one (or several) are centered around health, including exercising more (44%), eating healthier (42%) and losing weight (31%).

After looking at all of these stats, we had some questions: What makes some people more successful at keeping their resolutions than others? Can a weight loss app play a role in resolution results? How are NuMi app users stacking up against these shocking statistics?

Now that we’re well into February, we took a look at our own free tracking app, NuMi, to see how users are doing with their weight loss resolutions. We found some interesting stats as of February 18, 2021.

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NuMi Users are Eating Healthier

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According to Statista, 42% of survey participants planned to eat healthier in the new year. When it comes to eating healthier, we know that vegetables are key. That’s why the Nutrisystem plan requires at least four servings of non-starchy veggies each day.

Active NuMi users are logging 51% more vegetables in January and February than they did in November and December 2020! Whether this has to do with the extra accountability that NuMi provides or the easy-to-use Vegetable Quick Log Feature in the NuMi journal, it’s definitely a positive change in 2021.

NuMi Users are Exercising More

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In the same Statista survey, 44% of survey respondents had a New Year’s resolution to exercise more. While fitness is only a piece of the weight loss puzzle, many people include exercise in their health and wellness goals. Because of this correlation, the NuMi app provides its users an easy way to keep track of their daily activity.

Activity Logging in the NuMi app was up 19% in January and February from November and December. Not only that but 24% more users logged activity in 2021 so far than in November and December 2020.

Even though exercise isn’t required to lose weight on Nutrisystem, it’s exciting to see that so many people are increasing their physical fitness in the new year. According to Medline Plus, exercise has been shown to help with weight management, heart health, bone health and even sleep. It’s a healthy habit that NuMi can help you add to your routine.

NuMi Users are Drinking More Water

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Closely tied to health and weight loss, drinking water is key to dropping pounds and improving your wellbeing. Medical News Today credits drinking water with skin health, regulating body temperature, maintaining blood pressure and even weight loss.

NuMi users are logging their water 40% more often in 2021 than in the last two months of 2020. Even more surprising (and awesome!), active NuMi app users are logging their water even more in February than in January. No quitters here!

Nutrisystem recommends drinking at least 64 ounces of water each day, which can seem like a lot if you’re new to this weight loss thing. However, the NuMi app makes it easy to keep track and ensure you’re getting in enough. It provides that extra motivation and accountability, allowing you to set daily reminders when it’s time to drink up. No wonder NuMi users are drinking more water and sticking to their health goals in 2021!

NuMi Users are Losing Weight (and Reaching Their Goals!)

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Not only are NuMi users adopting healthy eating habits, exercising more and drinking more water, but they’re also losing more weight! 22% of active NuMi users hit their goal weight in January alone.

While only about 9% of people stick to their New Year’s weight loss resolutions after January, 11% of active NuMi users in February have hit their goal halfway through the month. February isn’t even over yet and NuMi has helped 33% of its active users reach their goal weight so far in 2021!

This could be because of the reasons we mentioned earlier, or the fact that users are logging their weight 40% more often in 2021. It’s clear that the NuMi app helps to keep its users accountable and on track with their weight loss resolutions.

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