Weight Loss for Men: 10 Reasons Nutrisystem is Your Best Bet

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Did you know that men are more likely to be overweight than women?

That’s right: While about 64 percent of women carry excess pounds, nearly 75 percent of American males are overweight, according to a survey by the National Institutes of Health. Men also must overcome different challenges than women when trying to lose weight.

The dietitians at Nutrisystem understand those differences and have developed plans for men that ensure success.

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Here’s how Nutrisystem leads to weight loss for men:

1. No Counting!

Men tend to prefer diets that don’t require calorie counting, says Elisabetta Politti, a nutrition researcher at Duke University’s Diet & Fitness Center. She reported that men have the most weight loss success when they’re just told what to eat. And who could argue? No concentration necessary. Free up your mind for handling other aspects of your life.

The Nutrisystem advantage: You get to choose from a wide variety of meals and snacks that are nutritionally balanced and perfectly portioned—no need to count calories, points or grams of this ingredient or that nutrient.

2. Diet Guidance

While increased activity helps speed weight loss, a study published by the National Institutes of Health (NIH) determined that men are more likely to reach their target weight when they make changes to their diet, not just by increasing their level of physical activity. In the same study, exercise alone did not help men consistently shed excess pounds.

The Nutrisystem advantage: With Nutrisystem, you’ll eat foods specifically designed to deliver the nutrients you need in portions that make sense. So you’ll get a diet plan that leads to steady weight loss, while providing all of the energy you need to stay active.

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3. Eating Often

Men who ate five or more times a day lost significantly more weight than those who ate three times a day, even when the overall calorie count and nutrient compositions were the same, says a study published in the Journal of Nutrition and Metabolism. And while there is evidence to suggest that eating more frequently can actually lead to increased caloric intake over the course of the day (a total weight loss disaster!), since Nutrisystem provides pre-portioned meals, and meal plan guidance, there is no risk of overeating.

The Nutrisystem advantage: Your weight loss plan includes three meals and three snacks per day, so you’ll be eating every two to three hours. “Nutrisystem taught me how to eat right, so instead of wolfing down a big dinner after work, I grazed on healthy choices throughout the day,” says Marshall J., who lost 75 pounds.*

4. Protein

When losing weight, our bodies tend to burn both fat and muscle. Men on average are bigger than women and have more muscle mass. Men need protein, the building block of muscle, to help them retain and replace the muscle mass that’s burned during activity and weight loss.

The Nutrisystem advantage: On Nutrisystem, you won’t just be eating plates of kale and carrots. The Nutrisystem program is high in protein, and the menu is full of protein foods you’re used to eating (think hamburgers and grilled chicken sandwiches). PowerFuels, the Nutrisystem term for lean sources of protein and healthy fats, are the sturdy foundation of Nutrisystem meals and snacks. They provide long-lasting energy, but are still low in calories and excess fats.

5. Meat

Meat and poultry of all kinds are the most popular foods for American men, according to a survey of adults’ eating habits presented at an international food conference. Men were more likely to list beef, pork or chicken dishes among their top choices than any other food group.

The Nutrisystem advantage: Burgers, Meatloaf and Chicken Parmesan are just a few of the hearty options on the Nutrisystem menu. The experts that design the Nutrisystem menu pride themselves on creating perfectly portioned versions of all your favorite foods. So you’ll never feel like you’re sacrificing in order to lose weight.

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6. Filling Fats

The saturated fats in meats are the primary source of excess calories in the average man’s diet, reports a study by the NIH. (Carbohydrates and fats are the main cause of excess weight gain in women). Fats are an essential part of your diet, critical for helping you feel full and satisfied after you eat, but eating too many of the wrong kinds can land you in the trouble zone.

The Nutrisystem advantage: We limit saturated fats to account for no more than 10 percent of your total daily calories, which aligns with dietary recommendations. So you get the foods you love (think hamburgers and pizzas), but keep your saturated fat intake in check.

Plus, Nutrisystem helps you choose add-ons to incorporate into your program that are packed with nutrients you need, including healthy fats.

 7. Right Carbs

Many trendy diet plans that appeal to men emphasize “carb-free” eating with heaping amounts of protein and saturated fat. But eating the right carbs fills you up with fiber, slowing digestion and keeping you satisfied at each meal. Not to mention they are delicious. Think breads, pastas and potatoes. Giving these foods up long-term is completely unsustainable (and, we could argue, not so delicious).

The Nutrisystem advantage: Nutrisystem foods contain the right mix of complex carbs, which are superior to simple carbs because they deliver fiber and other nutrients. SmartCarbs, which are rich in essential nutrients and high in fiber, are a key to the Nutrisystem plan. They ensure your metabolism works steadily and you feel full long after you eat. And you don’t have to give up pizza, pasta or burgers.

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8. Big Flavor

Men on average tend to prefer spicier food than women, according to researchers from Penn State University. Big flavor has a big place in their hearts. Boring food just won’t cut it.

The Nutrisystem advantage: You can choose from a wide variety of flavorful foods from the Nutrisystem menu, so you can tailor your meals to fit your tastes. Chicken with BBQ Sauce and Meatballs in Marinara Sauce are popular options that are perfectly portioned versions of your favorite meals.

9. Ways to Shake It Up

Nutritional shakes are very effective at helping men lose weight, according to research published in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition. It found that men felt satisfied and did not experience hunger between meals after drinking a 100-calorie shake.

The Nutrisystem advantage: You can whip up delicious, smooth, and protein-rich chocolate or vanilla Nutrisystem Shakes in minutes. They’ve got a whopping 15 grams of protein and just 120 calories. Plus, they’re an excellent source of fiber.

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10. Flat-Out Convenience

While many top chefs are men, the average guy has much less experience with (and interest in) cooking, say many experts. That leads many men to rely on high-calorie, low-nutrition options, such as take-out and fast food. Nutrisystem is the solution.

The Nutrisystem advantage: “I picked Nutrisystem because it does so much of the work for you,” says Essex O., who lost 43 pounds.* “I’m on the go a lot. With Nutrisystem, I could just heat up the food and be on my way, avoiding large restaurant portions and the temptation of fast food.” Weight loss for men has never been more convenient.