5 Tips for the Nutrisystem Partner Plan (From Current Customers!)

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Did you know that you’re already at an advantage for reaching your weight loss goals? By teaming up to lose weight on the Nutrisystem Partner Plan, you and your partner could lose up to 20% more weight than doing it on your own.*

Everything becomes more attainable with teamwork, and that’s definitely true when it comes to weight loss. You have someone to rely on that will help you stay motivated, accountable and on track for success.

Your Nutrisystem Partner Plan has a built-in support system that can’t be beat. Plus, we’ve talked to some real Nutrisystem Partner Plan customers who have been there, done that! Check out their top tips for success below:

1. Label Your Meals and Snacks

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Your Nutrisystem Partner Plan order will include two weeks of meals and snacks for two people. You both can order the same foods or each of you can select your own favorites. If the plan you chose includes frozen items, these will arrive in a separate shipment.

When you receive your order, team up with your partner to put your food away. Many partners have told us that they find it helpful to write their initials on the meals and snacks that they selected while ordering. You can also use colorful stickers or labels to distinguish which food is yours.

2. Keep Your Food Separated

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After you label your food, it’s time to get organized! Clear a space in your kitchen to store all of your meals and snacks. Each meal occasion is color-coded, so you can keep breakfasts, lunches, dinners and snacks together. Breakfasts have yellow labels, lunches have blue labels, dinners have red labels and snacks have purple labels.

Some Nutrisystem Partner Plan customers like to store their food separate from their partner’s food. Keep your choices on different shelves in the pantry and freezer for grab-and-go ease. Consider getting some plastic containers for storing, labeling and organizing the foods in your kitchen.

3. Combine Your Shopping Lists

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You and your partner will both kickstart your weight loss and reboot your bodies in week 1. During this first week, you get to enjoy seven full days of Nutrisystem meals, snacks and shakes. Going into week two, you’ll have more flexibility and get to add in healthy grocery additions and Flex meals.

While some Partner Plan customers recommend keeping your food separated, your grocery shopping list is a different story. Since you and your partner live in the same household, consider planning your Flex meals together and teaming up on your grocery shopping list. Combining your lists and buying larger quantities of certain items could help you save money in the long run. Plus, cooking together is a great bonding experience!

4. Eat Together

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While many Partner Plan members eat most of their meals independently, coming together to break bread a few times during the week has proven beneficial. Your schedule might be busy with work, errands and other daily tasks, so this can be a great opportunity to regroup. Use this time to talk about your goals, celebrate your successes and discuss any hurdles you may be experiencing.

Prep a large salad filled with non-starchy veggies that the both of you can share at the dinner table. Then cook up to of the same Nutrisystem meal, or explore The Leaf Weight Loss Blog for some recipes designed for two people. Check out these 18 Flex dinners for the Nutrisystem Partner Plan! > 

5. Connect with a Coach

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Don’t forget to take advantage of all of the resources that your Nutrisystem plan provides. Your support isn’t limited to your weight loss partner: You both get access to our team of Weight Loss Coaches for all of your questions. Members of the Nutrisystem Partner Plan have found this resource invaluable. Whether you have a quick Q or just need a little motivation, they are there for your support.

In addition to one-on-one coaching, you also get access to our weight loss blog, The Leaf, for Flex meal recipes for two, partner workouts and more tips and tricks for losing weight together. You should also both download the free NuMi app on your smart phones for an organized food journal and meal plan tips. Please note that you and your partner will each need to create your own NuMi account with your own email address.

By signing up for the Nutrisystem Partner Plan, you’re already well on your way to reaching your goals. Soon, you’ll both be living proof that weight loss truly is better together!

*Based on scientific literature on dieting in small groups compared to individually.