Love Spicy Food? 10 Menu Options You Need to Try

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chicken enchilada

Spices light up your taste buds with zesty flavors and make your meals so much more satisfying. Chili powder, garlic, ginger, and other spices might also help you shed extra pounds, according to recent research. Which means that spicy food doesn’t just heat up your tongue–they stoke your metabolism to burn calories, too.

The Nutrisystem menu offers you lots of options that treat you to the joys of spicy foods. Don’t worry—they’re all mildly hot so they give you just a tingle of flavor rather than setting off a five-alarm fire. If you prefer even more heat, you can add more because spices have no calories and are a Free Food in the Nutrisystem program.

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If you love spicy food, start with these deliciously zingy dishes:

White Bean Chicken Chili

Best for: Lunch

Pickled jalapenos and green chili peppers give this hearty meal real Mexican flavor. The most spicy offering on the Nutrisystem menu, it’s brimming with white meat chicken and white beans, so you get lots of protein and fiber to fill you up and keep you going strong. Creamy cheddar cheese in the broth keeps the heat down to a flicker.

Spicy Kung Pao Noodles

Best for: Lunch

Enjoy authentic Asian flavor in a bowlful of slurp-worthy noodles, sparked with hot peppers, garlic, green onions and other spices, plus crunchy peanuts. The whole-grain pasta is loaded with fiber and protein, so you’re fueled up for a busy afternoon. Even better, this meal is easy to take wherever you go—all you need is a microwave or just hot water and you’re ready to eat in minutes.

Tortilla Soup

Best for: Lunch

All the classic ingredients of Mexican cuisine come together in this thick, flavorful soup. Garlic, chili peppers, and paprika bring heat to the broth that you spoon up with the corn, rice, beans and real tortillas. Each serving gives you 20 percent of your daily fiber needs, plus 30 percent of the RDA for iron.


Best for: Lunch

No fast food burrito can compete with this warm and tasty veggie wrap. Inside the soft whole-grain wrap you get rice, black beans and corn, along with creamy, spicy pepperjack cheese. Its eight grams of protein will help satisfy your hunger for hours.

chili with beans

Best for: Dinner

Our version of this classic Tex-Mex dish has lots of beef and beans, which give you a healthy helping of fiber and protein. A few dashes of chili powder raise the flavor temperature to mild heat. “Almost like homemade,” reports customer Sondra in her online review.

vegetarian chili

Best for: Dinner

Your bowl will be bursting with four different kinds of beans, each loaded with fiber and protein. Green chilies, onions and garlic spice up the zesty tomato sauce. For an even more filling meal, follow the lead of customer Amy, who shared her idea in our review section for using the chili to make her own healthy taco salad.

chicken and vegetable stir fry

Best for: Dinner

Tangy vinegar, mildly hot peppers, and a splash of mustard dial up the flavor on the tender chicken and noodles. The carrots, edamame and other vegetables add a hefty dose of fiber and 60 percent of your RDA for vitamin A. No need to order out on a busy night—this stir-fry is ready to eat faster than the neighborhood shop can deliver.


Best for: Dinner

A corn tortilla is stuffed with white-meat chicken, tomatoes, onions and bell peppers, all seasoned with ancho chili powder and other Southwest spices. The melted cheese and sour cream topping cools the heat and kicks up the pleasure. With the side of Spanish-style brown rice, your meal becomes a fiesta.


Best for: Dinner

Ginger’s sweet kind of heat is paired with mild chili peppers and nutty sesame seeds to give this dinner a zippy Asian flavor. Every forkful of the white-meat chicken and long grain rice fills you up with protein and fiber.


Best for: Snack

For a quick hit of garlicky, savory flavor, munch on a pack of this party mix. You get squares, squiggles and nuts, dusted with herbs and spices, easy to eat by the handful. You get so much snacking satisfaction but only 120 calories. Hot stuff!