7 Tips to Stay on Track with Your Nutrisystem for Men Plan

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Congratulations! By signing up for your Nutrisystem for Men plan, you’ve taken a big step toward losing excess weight and becoming the healthy, trim guy you know you can be. Moving forward, you’ll be taking many small steps every day that get you closer to your weight loss goal. If you stick with your meal plan, you’re sure to succeed. We’ve put together a list of some simple tips that will help you stay on track along the way.

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Here are seven simple tips to help you stay on track with your Nutrisystem for Men plan:

1. Eat Often

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Skipping meals doesn’t help you lose weight steadily. Rather, eating plenty of the right foods throughout the day keeps your body in weight loss mode. Your Nutrisystem for Men plan provides you with filling meals and snacks that supply you with energy to go about your daily life while continuing to stoke your metabolism. Enjoy all of the food recommended for you each day and you’ll never feel hungry or tempted by unhealthy options while you’re dropping pounds.

2. Power Up

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Men need lots of protein to maintain their energy levels and keep their muscles strong. The Nutrisystem menu is full of high-protein meals that satisfy men’s appetites—we’re talking about favorites like meatballs, hamburgers and barbecue chicken. Nutrisystem Protein Shakes are also an easy, convenient and delicious way to get in your protein servings.

When picking protein-rich foods for your Flex meals, go for PowerFuels, such as chicken or turkey breast, fish and seafood. They have the protein you need, but they don’t weigh you down with a lot of saturated fats.

3. Drink Up

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Dehydration can feel like hunger, enticing you to eat when what you really need is a drink of water. And you may be dehydrated without realizing it. On the Nutrisystem program, we recommend at least 64 ounces of water each day. Drinking water throughout the day also keeps your metabolism active and burning calories, says Healthline. If you get bored by plain water, try no-calorie seltzer with real fruit flavors like lemon or lime.

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4. Go Light

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You can enjoy beer and other kinds of alcohol in moderation on your Nutrisystem for Men plan. Limit yourself to no more than two drinks and try not to have them on the same day if possible. Opt for light beer, white wine and liquor without sugary mixers. And be careful about the snacks you eat when you’re having alcohol—drinking can lower your resistance to high-fat, high-calorie foods that will slow your weight loss progress.

5. Veg Out

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Non-starchy vegetables are an essential part of losing weight with Nutrisystem for Men. They’re loaded with critical nutrients and fiber, which helps your digestion run smoothly and makes you feel full. Be sure to eat at least four servings of them each day, though you can have as much of them as you want. You can choose from many options, including tomatoes, green beans, carrots and spinach. Enjoy them raw, canned or cooked. You can pick the ones you like, but the more variety, the better for you.

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6. Watch Extras

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You might like to use ketchup, mayonnaise, coffee creamer, maple syrup and many other toppings to add flavor to your food. However, keep in mind that these ingredients can be loaded with calories that we often don’t take note of. On the Nutrisystem Grocery Guide, these condiments are listed as Extras. You are allotted three Extras each day and one Extra is between 10 and 35 calories per serving.

Instead of these calorie-laden flavorings, punch up your meals with unlimited amounts of Free Foods, such as mustard, garlic, hot pepper flakes, cinnamon and other herbs and spices. Free Foods are unlimited on the program and are anything less than 10 calories per serving. Not sure if something is an Extra or Free Food? Click here to find out! >

7. Keep Track

stay on track

Recording your daily meals, water intake and physical activity helps you stay accountable and keeps you on track to your goal. The NuMi app (available for iOS and Android devices) is a handy way to keep track of all this information and see your progress right before your eyes. Best of all, this super-helpful tool comes free with your Nutrisystem for Men plan.

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