Weight Loss Motivation Running Low? 4 Fun Hacks to Get You to Goal

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weight loss motivation

In your weight loss journey, slow and steady wins the race. It’s important to make permanent changes, not quick fixes. This applies to your diet and lifestyle. If it’s not sustainable, your weight loss dreams are not obtainable.

Motivation is the key to changing your lifestyle. By creating new habits consistently, permanent changes will appear. Motivation must come from within. So it’s important to find what motivates you! Is it an upcoming vacation? Shopping trip? Pampering? Your health? Or just some good old self-improvement?

Research shows different motivating techniques such as visuals, rewards and mantras can be the key to sticking to your plan and changing your lifestyle. Here are three simple visuals to keep your weight loss motivation running high:

1. Marble Your Way to Success

Grab a cute mason jar and your favorite color marbles. Add a motivating sign on each. One reads “Pounds to Go,” One reads “Pounds Lost.” Add a marble for each pound you’d like to lose in your first weight loss goal. Remember, small goals add up to big achievements! Once you empty the “Pounds to Go” jar and hit that goal, reward yourself with something non-food related! Some great ideas? A cute workout shirt or a new kitchen tool to keep you active and cooking.

2. Reward Board

Grab a white board and set your goals in motion. List your first five weight loss milestones. Next to each milestone, include a reward. A new haircut? A relaxing massage? Mini-vacay? Whatever motivates you! Just keep it non-food related and see what a little motivation can do.

3. Mirror, Mirror On the Wall
note on mirror

Mirrors aren’t just for lipstick checks. Find motivation in your morning. Write down some motivational quotes that will keep you going and stick them on your mirror. Take a few minutes every morning to read them and get in the right mindset to conquer your day!

4. Make It Hard To Ignore

Leave your unrolled yoga mat, fresh new workout clothes, or brand new sneakers by the door and ready to go. Having these visual cues can encourage exercise! And getting up and putting your workout gear on first thing in the morning may increase your chances that your mid-morning workout will actually happen.