6 Lunch Swaps That Save Major Calories

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11 Delicious and Convenient Frozen Lunch Options From Nutrisystem

At Nutrisystem, we believe you should still be able to have all of your favorite foods and lead a healthy lifestyle. That’s what makes us so different. We’ve created diet-friendly alternatives to everything from pizza to pasta, even dessert favorites like ice cream. On our plan, we want food to still be fun—and enjoyable—so that it’s easier for you to reach your weight loss goal.

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Here are six delicious alternatives to fast food and how they compare in nutrition:

1. Nutrisystem Grilled Chicken Sandwich

grilled chicken

With nearly half the calories and more than half the fat of the McDonald’s version, you can enjoy a delicious grilled chicken sandwich from Nutrisystem. Our Grilled Chicken Sandwich features white meat chicken that is infused with delicious flame-broiled flavor. It’s all served on a filling whole grain bun. Click here to make it yours >

2. Nutrisystem Hamburger >


We completely understand that some days you’re just craving a good, juicy burger. Our all-beef patty is the perfect high-protein, low-calorie burger to satisfy that craving without wreaking total havoc on your healthy eating habits. Compared to a “burger joint” hamburger, our version has a lot less calories and fat. Click here to make it yours >

3. Nutrisystem Sweet BBQ Sauce with Pulled-Styled Pork Sandwich >

pulled pork

If it’s a pork sandwich you’re after, Nutrisystem has a healthier alternative to that, as well. You can serve it on a whole grain bun but you could also try some of the variations our clients have done such as serving it over brown rice. Our version will give you the same flavor without all the fat that typically comes along with a pulled pork sandwich. Click here to make it yours >

4. Nutrisystem Three Cheese Chicken >

cheese chicken

What’s better comfort food than a cheesy pasta dish? We can’t think of many! Of course, the vast majority of cheese-based pasta dishes are absolutely loaded with fat and calories. But not our version! We’ve found a way to give you the flavor of some of your favorite cheesy pasta dishes without the insane calorie count. Click here to make it yours >

5. Nutrisystem Creamy Beef Alfredo >


Of all the pasta sauces out there, Alfredo tends to be a favorite. It’s rich and creamy flavor makes it incredibly appealing. But it’s also one of the worst offenders when it comes to calories and fat. At Nutrisystem, we’ve created an Alfredo-based dish that won’t do any diet damage. Click here to make it yours >

6. Pepperoni Pizza Melt >


Craving a slice of pizza? Even a small slice can be packed with fat and calories. But we’ve come up with a dish that has fewer calories and fat while still being big on flavor. It will satisfy your pizza fix without the need to dial the pizza delivery guy. Click here to make it yours >

In addition to these lunch foods, Nutrisystem offers an entire menu of delicious, diet-friendly alternatives for every meal that won’t hurt your weight loss progress. Click here to discover all of the meals and snacks Nutrisystem has to offer >

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