How to Be More Accountable

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When you’re trying to lose weight, make good food choices and set aside time for exercise, sometimes willpower alone doesn’t cut it. You need strategies to hold yourself accountable so you stay on track. Try these ideas on how to be more accountable for your weight loss might help:

Speak your goals.
Whatever specific accomplishment you’re striving for, say it―out loud―to your partner, cousin, close friend, or whoever is important to you. By making your goals public, you’ll feel more responsible to reach them. Whether you opt to post your goals to social media is up to you and your comfort level.

Weigh yourself regularly. Extra pounds can sneak on without you realizing, and that scale you hide under the bathroom sink can help you discover them. That National Weight Control Registry, which tracks over 10,000 people who have lost and kept off significant amounts of weight, found that 75 percent of those successful dieters step on the scale at least once a week.

Track and chart. Keeping a food diary and recording your fitness can help you work toward your goals―and keep you honest. It’s easy to forget about those nibbles you took while prepping dinner, or the bites you had of your kids’ leftover lunch. But writing them down will make you more aware. And noting whatever physical activity you do for day and how you felt afterwards can keep you motivated, and remind you that you’re making progress.