#HealthyHowTo: Soften Butter Without the Wait

Article posted in: Diet & Nutrition

“Add softened butter.”

It sounds so simple. So unassuming. But anyone who has ever cooked anything knows how frustrating it can be to arrive at that step in a recipe. That’s because softening butter is something of an art. Sure, you can microwave it. But oftentimes that ends in a liquidy mess that can compromise the quality of your recipe. Or, you can opt for the let-it-melt method. Just be prepared to clear your calendar because waiting for rock-hard butter to break down can take quite a chunk of time.

The next time a recipe calls for softened butter, let the worry melt away. Try our simple method to speed up the wait time while preserving the quality of this culinary staple.

Grab a cheese grater and grate the butter onto a cutting board or into a bowl. Wait five minute and it will softened up and be ready to use!