Here’s Your Tailgate Survival Guide

Article posted in: Lifestyle

You can have a tailgate party any time of the year to get things rolling before an event, but there’s something quintessentially autumnal about partying in a parking lot at the back of your car. We don’t know for sure if it was a football fan who first thought of eating a sandwich and drinking a cup of coffee while sitting on the back of his car in an open field, but over the years, football fans have elevated the simple act of eating before a game to an elaborate art form.

It’s an art form that can pose a real problem for those of us on a weight loss program. Gone are the days of sharing a couple of sandwiches and a thermos of coffee (maybe Irish coffee) before the game. Tailgates now are likely to consist of fancy barbecues with tons of side dishes, coolers if not kegs of beer and full bars.

What’s someone who wants to keep losing weight to do? Here’s your tailgate survival guide, three simple tips for enjoying the fun while not going overboard:

Say Yes to Vegetables: That elaborate spread is likely to contain raw veggies. Good news for you: most of the green ones are unlimited on Nutrisystem. Enjoy those while giving the chips a wide berth, but don’t be afraid to dip your celery stick in the salsa, or even the guacamole. Just don’t overdo it.

Move Toward the Light: While we prefer you stay away from alcohol, we also understand how good a beer can taste on a cool fall afternoon. Just limit yourself to one, and look for a light or low-carb beer, preferably one with fewer than 100 calories in a can or bottle.

Take a Walk: Let’s face it—one of the best parts of going to a tailgate is seeing what everyone else is up to. By taking a lap around the stadium parking lot, you’ll burn some calories, see what other people are serving and maybe get involved in a friendly game of corn hole.