How to Avoid Overeating at the BBQ

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friends grilling outside

Going to a BBQ is something of a quintessential summertime activity. There’s nothing quite like grilling up your favorite foods and dining al fresco with family and friends. Since BBQs usually have a wide array of food, you may be tempted to try everything and even go in for seconds despite feeling full. But these events don’t have to be all about the food. You can still enjoy yourself by focusing on the company, the conversation and the ambiance.

Follow these useful guidelines to revel in this summer’s BBQ season without falling prey to overeating.

Have a plan of attack before you arrive
Maybe you won’t know the menu outright, but it’s easy to predict the classic foods present at most summer BBQs. Make a pact with yourself to eat healthy and avoid the foods you know to lack nutritional benefits so you are prepared once you reach the table. This may mean steering clear of the nitrate-heavy hotdogs, the greasy fried chicken, and the mayo-laden potato and pasta salads, and opting for foods you know to be wholesome.

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Don’t show up hungry
Our willpower is at its weakest when we are hungry, making it harder for us to make smart food choices and stop at just one serving. Avoid this classic trap for overeating by having a snack a few hours in advance to stave off hunger. Try fiber-rich goodies like hummus, almonds or avocado, which will help keep you fuller, longer.

Dont fill up on hors d’oeuvres
While essential to any summer shindig, hors d’oeuvres are often high in calories but devoid of nutritional substance. If you overindulge you may not be hungry when it comes time for the main meal. So try a bite or two of what appeals to you but then walk away from the appetizer table to avoid mindless grazing.

Choose healthy fare
Stick to fruits, veggies and lean, grilled meat to remain on track. Stay seasonal with your fare by enjoying summer offerings like watermelon, corn on the cob, ripe tomatoes and grilled chicken, shrimp or fish—all excellent choices for a classic BBQ sampling.