How to Beat a Sweet Treat Craving

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woman holding desserts over eyes

Cravings can play a powerful mind game with our willpower. One minute you’re minding your own business and the next, you are hit sideways by a sugar craving that has high-jacked your brain and turned you into a single-minded, sweet treat-needing machine. Research points to a few different culprits for this behavior, including a lack of nutrients in our diet and a physiological pattern of trigger and reward associated with emotional relief from food.

Resist these cravings with this arsenal of tricks and preventative behaviors:

Prevent Cravings with Healthy Eating

Nourishing our bodies with whole, healthy foods will give us the nutrients and vitamins we need to function properly. So often we experience cravings because our bodies are lacking these nutrients. The better you are at daily, healthy eating, the less likely you will be faced with a craving.

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Keep a Food Journal

Writing down your daily intake will help you pinpoint what prompted those cravings—not enough protein? Too few carbs? When you are mindful of your habits, you are more likely to address and adjust them. Make tracking easier with NuMi, Nutrisystem’s FREE helpful online tracking tool that makes logging your food, drinks, activity, weight and more simple!

Reach for the H20

Many times, dehydration masks itself as a craving for sugary or salty foods when what we really need is to drink more water. Prevent this from happening by setting a daily goal of water intake, keeping in mind physical exertion. If a craving is already upon you, chug a glass of water instead.

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Brush Those Chompers

If you feel a craving creeping on, immediately head to the bathroom to give those teeth a good brushing. You will be less inclined to ruin that minty fresh feeling with a trip to the cookie jar.

Pick a Piece of Fruit Instead

Fruits are a natural source of sugar, as opposed to the refined, processed sugar found in junk food. They will satiate your craving and fill you up healthily. Try a clementine for a snack-tivity that offers a boost of Vitamin C.

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Distract Yourself

A craving won’t last forever so just commit to holding strong until it passes. Dive into something that will hold your attention and take your mind off the craving. Go for a walk, clean the house, organize a closet or do some crunches.

Practice Moderation

Do not always deprive yourself of what you want; just try to find healthier replacements.When you’re craving cake, reach for a Nutrisystem version. Or, if you absolutely cannot stop thinking about grandma’s best-selling pie, have a small slice then get right back on track filling up with water and veggies.