How to Ditch Holiday Stress

Article posted in: Lifestyle
woman with cucumbers and face mask on

From decking the halls to scouring the mall, for many people, the holidays are so jam-packed with to-dos, they can leave us feeling more stressed than the big guy in red himself.

Since stress is often to blame for our slim-down slip-ups, and this time of year is teeming with sweet treats just waiting for a moment of weakness, it’s important to find healthy ways to cope when the holiday hoopla becomes too much to handle.

Check out these tips for dealing with holiday stress:

Face It

Make a DIY anti-stress face mask: Puree five mashed mint leaves and one piece of peeled cucumber (deseeded) in a blender. Add one beaten egg white and blend until smooth. Apply to face; leave on for 20 minutes before rinsing.

Welcome the Warm and Fuzzies

Crank up some relaxing tunes and take a warm bath, or cozy up to a hot cup of tea while wearing your fuzziest PJs.

Walk Away

Take in the beautiful light displays with a night stroll, or get your feel-good hormones flowing by walking while the sun’s still out. This one works wonders not just in terms of holiday stress, but stress in general.

Embrace the Madness

Listen: It’s the holidays. With family and friends coming and going, and party after party needing to be hosted, there’s pretty much no way you’re not going to be at least a little stressed. But the holidays only come once a year, which means in a month, when you’re stuck in the doldrums of winter, you might actually miss all the madness. So embrace it! Accept that you might be a bit tired or that your house might not fully recover for another week or so. It’s OK. Take in the time you have with loved ones, and worry about the rest later.