How to Dress for Slim-Down Success

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It’s finally happening: The weight is starting to melt away, one pound at a time. Your energy is returning, you’re sleeping better and you just feel lighter, happier and healthier.

Losing weight has a lot of benefits, huh? But there is one downside to downsizing: It’s likely that your clothes are no longer fitting quite right. Not a horrible problem to have, but still frustrating. If you have a way to go to reach your ultimate weight loss goal, investing in a whole new wardrobe now—only to have to do it again down the road—seems silly… Not to mention pricey.

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So how do you dress in the interim? Do you settle for boxy blouses and slouchy slacks? Absolutely not! You’re working hard to get to your target weight and you deserve to look good without breaking the bank. Feeling good about how you look will keep you inspired to keep moving toward your goal. Follow these fashion fundamentals for a look worthy of your new figure:

1. Cinch it in.

Think of belts as your new best friends. They can instantly transform a frumpy, baggy top or dress into a runway-ready look. Chances are you’ve got an hour-glass figure breaking through as the pounds fall off. Grab a blazer or light sweater that buttons at your slimmest part to really accentuate it. Or, try a wrap dress that can adjust as you lose more weight.

2. Lean on those stretchy fabrics.

The more stretch a fabric has, the longer it will last with you while you downsize. For jeans, stick to the ones that stretch and then shrink in the dryer. Opt for leggings, a style staple that comes in numerous prints and can be worn for play or dressed up with a tunic. Seek out fabrics like lycra and spandex, which will mold to your body no matter what size you are. Many clothing companies now offer “Athleisure” lines, clothing options made from multi-functional fabrics. They’re like yoga pants in disguise, which means they work at the office or the gym.

3. Add flare with accessories.

Weight loss wear does not need to be boring. Invest in a few basic tops that will keep you covered while you’re progressing toward your goal weight, then lean on accessories to spice up staple pieces. Add a light, colorful scarf, a statement necklace or stand-out shoes to a basic outfit. Adding fresh and vivid updates to your transitional wardrobe is a great way to look and feel great without breaking the bank on all new garb.

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4. Tailor the good stuff.

If you have any treasured pieces or business attire that you can’t imagine parting with, take the items to a tailor and have them professionally taken in. You’d be amazed what a custom, tailored ensemble can do for your self-esteem. Plus, it’s a fairly budget-friendly alternative to a new wardrobe. Not ready for a tailor? Here’s an easy, at-home fix: Move the buttons yourself and resew them at the right place in your waist band.

5. Become a mix-and-match maven.

Now that you have the fundamentals figured out, mix and match the pieces that flatter and avoid the boxy get-ups of your past for a stylin’ transitional wardrobe. Try a flowy top with fitted pants or a figure flattering sweater with a maxi skirt. Don’t wait until you’re at your goal weight to start looking and feeling fabulous!