How to Get Back on Track

Article posted in: Diet & Nutrition

When you first signed up for Nutrisystem, you were full of hope. No matter how many other times you’d tried to lose weight and been unsuccessful, you knew that this time would be different. It was going to work. And you saw the progress. Some weight came off. Your clothes were looser. People asked if you were losing weight. And then, one morning, you wake up and feel like you really don’t want to do this anymore. You’ve hit a wall, and yes, even the most ardent Nutrisystem fans can experience this. You need to get your motivation back. But how? Today, it is about how to get back on track.

First, remember why you started this journey in the first place. Pull out a pair of your bigger-sized pants and lay them out next to your new, smaller sizes. Stare your progress in the face. Look at one of those “before” pictures you have stashed away in a drawer. Now look at yourself in the mirror. It’s working. See?

Then make some changes. Try a new vegetable or fruit. Ever had a mango? What about jicama? Order a Nutrisystem entrée you’ve never had before or one you tried early on and haven’t ordered in a while. Try some new recipes. Go for a walk, maybe on a different route than you usually stroll, or something a little longer or hillier than you’ve tried before. Enlist the support of a close friend, someone who understands what you’re going through, or someone who understands you especially well. Lean in. Lean in to the friend, the walk, the new foods. Feel it.

Losing weight is a process, one that has both ups and downs. These feelings will pass. Just don’t get discouraged. You can absolutely be successful! We know it. And we want you to know it, too.