Get Toned Arms for Holiday Parties—Fast!

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It’s that time of year: You’re starting to receive invitations to holiday parties. And as soon as you say yes, you ask yourself, What am I going to wear? Well, this year, thanks to all the hard work you’ve put in on your weight loss program, you’re ready to show off with a little black dress. And why not? You’re looking great and you have the confidence. You can be sure you completely rock the look by starting to do some toning exercises for your upper arms now. You’ll have toned arms in no time if you perform some of these simple moves each day. Start with just one minute, then work your way up to a total of five minutes each day.

1. Overhead Arm Circles

This is for your upper arms and shoulders. Put both arms straight overhead; lock your elbows. Pointing your fingers toward the ceiling, slowly make 1o small clockwise circles with both arms. Then slowly make 10 large clockwise circles. Repeat until you’ve done fast, slow, large and small circles in both directions.

2. Side Arm Circles

This is also for your upper arms. Put both arms straight out to your sides, level with your shoulders, so you make a giant T. Do the same exercises described above: big and small circles, fast and slow, backward and forward.

3. Can Curls

This is for your biceps. Head to your kitchen cabinets and grab two cans of soup or vegetables. Hold one in each hand, and hold your elbows in tight at your sides. Slowly curl both cans up to your shoulders, then lower. Repeat 10 times; build up to 20 repetitions before increasing the number of sets. Too easy? Use bigger cans, or fill a water bottle and curl that.

4. Kitchen Dips

This is for your triceps, the back of your upper arm. Stand with your back to your sink, and reach both hands behind you so you’re gripping the edge of the sink. Put your feet a comfortable distance in front of you, and put as much of your weight as you can on your heels. Slowly bend your elbows and lower your butt toward the floor, then push back up. As this gets easier, move to lower surfaces, like the bathtub.

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