Going Out to Breakfast? How to Order Smart

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Dining out for breakfast or brunch can make for a fun outing with friends or family. It can also be stressful wondering what you will eat that won’t spoil all of your hard work. While many restaurants that serve breakfast are infamous for heavy stacks of pancakes or greasy bacon and sausage, if you navigate the menu properly, your morning meal out doesn’t have to throw you off course. Follow these simple tips to keep your healthy breakfast habits on track when you are dining out.

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Order Light

Check out the menu for light breakfast options that don’t pack in the sugar, grease, extra calories and fat. Stick with lean proteins like scrambled eggs, egg whites, Canadian bacon, and turkey sausage or bacon. Look for high-fiber options like cereal and oatmeal, and if ordering a dish with an English muffin, opt for whole wheat. Order fat-free cottage cheese and yogurt, with fruit on top or served on the size. Or, ask if the server can bring you a large bowl of fruit as your main dish.

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Know How to Order

Be sure to order menu selections that have been baked, broiled, poached and toasted, and avoid fried options. Request that you receive sugar-free jam or syrup with your meal, a butter substitute instead of butter, and peanut butter instead of cream cheese. Skip that orange juice and opt for water with a lemon.

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Know Your Enemy

Not only is it important to know what to order, it’s just as vital to know what to avoid. Diet destroyers to dodge at breakfast include: bacon and sausage, bagels, butter, high-sugar cereals, cinnamon rolls, doughnuts, croissants and other pastries, cream cheese, French toast, fried eggs, hash browns and home fries, and pancakes and waffles. If you’ve got to have your cup of Jo in the morning, avoid using creamer, sugar and artificial sweeteners.