How to Turn Down Food You Don’t Want

Article posted in: Lifestyle
woman declining cake

Warning: What we’re about to say might come as a surprise…

We think ‘tis the season to stop being so nice!

This might sound contrary to all that the holidays stand for, but here’s the thing—sometimes being overly nice means sabotaging our weight loss goals.

Think about it: have you ever been guilted into eating something because you were afraid of offending someone? Ever been coerced into eating dessert because a coworker said, “I’ll only eat it if you do!” or “Let’s split!”?

From office parties to weddings, social events often center around food. And sometimes it’s easier to eat so-and-so’s homemade such-and-such than to cause a scene trying to refuse it. But why chow down on grub you don’t want?

It’s OK to politely decline food. Just read the situation and do it in an appropriate way. Afraid you’ll cave? Check out these ideas for avoiding diet-derailing snacks without offending the chef:

Just say “no!”

If someone is pushing you to try their dish, explain that it looks absolutely delicious, but you’re on Nutrisystem, so you’ll have to pass. Rather not get into all of that? How about simply saying, “That looks great, but I’m completely stuffed!”

Take it to go

Really feel uncomfortable passing? Take the food to go. Then, sneak it to someone else who would appreciate the left overs!

Keep consistent

The first few times you refuse, you might fall victim to a little guilt tripping. But, if you’re consistent, your family, friends and coworkers will eventually accept your refusal as routine, and stop pressuring you!