How You and Your Diet Can Survive a Road Trip

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Hitting the road this weekend for a little getaway? Here are 3 tips for how you and your diet can survive a road trip.

In the Car
Pack pre-portioned snacks. Unsalted nuts, dried fruit, whole-grain crackers or plain popcorn are good options. Divide them into single-serving baggies so you don’t munch through the entire box or bag in one stretch.
Stock a cooler. Reduced-fat cheese sticks or slices, Greek yogurt, hummus or guacamole for snacks, and plain, fizzy or flavored water to keep you hydrated.

At a Fast-Food Drive-Thru
Single-serve your sandwich.
Burgers with two and three beef patties can contain close to 1,000 calories; a regular hamburger is about 250 calories. Adding cheese, bacon or special sauces ups the fat; instead, use pickles, onions, mustard or ketchup for flavor. And if you prefer chicken or fish, choose broiled or grilled, not fried.
Swap out fries… for a healthier small salad, fruit or yogurt. Or if you really want the fries, get the smallest or kid-sized order.
Keep your salad simple. Skip the bacon bits and croutons, and forget that deep-fried shell. Opt for lean, grilled proteins and minimal dressing.

At a Buffet Dinner
Survey first.
Before you even grab a plate, scan the options and make your choices; then stick to the plan.
Divide your plate. The goal: half fruits and vegetables, one-quarter lean protein and one-quarter whole grains.