3 Easy Kombucha Recipes Under 100 Calories

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Grapefruit kombucha mocktails

Kombucha is tart, tangy, fizzy, way to fill your glass with probiotics—so-called “good” bacteria that can replenish your gut microbiome to help with digestion.

Haven’t heard of kombucha—or just wondering what it is? It’s a fermented tea made by combining brewed tea with a large bacterial disc, called a “mother” or a SCOBY, which stands for symbiotic culture of bacteria and yeast. That may sound gross, but people love the slightly carbonated result—and when it’s sold in bottles at your grocery store, there’s no bacteria disc to deal with!

Kombucha lovers claim that drinking it can help manage blood pressure and cancer, though those claims have not been proven by credible research. Research has found that kombucha provides antioxidant benefits, though this is likely from the green, black, or rooibos tea used as its base, as these already have antioxidants.

Even if it’s not a magic health drink, many people find it delicious—and experts say it’s safe to drink up to 12 ounces per day. Elevate your dozen daily ounces with one of these three easy recipes for kombucha mocktails—each under 100 calories per serving.

1. Pomegranate Ginger Kombucha >

Pomegranate Ginger Kombucha

On Nutrisystem, Counts As: 1 SmartCarb

Ginger has been shown to have many health benefits—and it can add some serious bite to any beverage! This kombucha mix gets a spicy kick by starting with a gingerade kombucha, then adds the rich, sweet flavor of pomegranate juice. Squeeze some lemon on top and drop in a few sprigs of fresh mint to add even more freshness, and you’ve got a spicy, sweet, slightly tart and tangy beverage that will refresh you, tickle your taste buds, and—at just 99 calories per serving—fit into your weight loss plan. Get the full Pomegranate Ginger Kombucha recipe here! >

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2. 3-Ingredient Blackberry Mint Julep Mocktail >

3-Ingredient Blackberry Mint Julep Mocktail

On Nutrisystem, Counts As: 1 Extra

Reducing or eliminating alcohol consumption can help you reach your weight loss goals. It can reduce the “empty” calories you consume and help keep your willpower intact. But dialing back on the booze doesn’t mean you have to drink something boring. With just three ingredients, you can whip up a mint julep-like kombucha concoction that’s just as delicious as any cocktail.

This lightly carbonated refresher starts with the zip of gingerade kombucha, then gets a sweet, antioxidant-rich kick from fresh blackberries. It finishes with cool, refreshing mint. You can add even more fizz—and cut the calories in half—by swapping half the kombucha for flavored or plain seltzer. Get the full Blackberry Mint Julep Mocktail recipe here! >

3. Easy Rosemary Grapefruit Kombucha Mocktail >

Easy Rosemary Grapefruit Kombucha Mocktail

On Nutrisystem, Counts As: 1/2 SmartCarb and 1 Extra

This three-ingredient treat starts with no-sugar-added guava-flavored kombucha, then adds two surprising ingredients—grapefruit and fresh rosemary. Drinking grapefruit juice isn’t just delicious, but studies also show that it may be beneficial for your HDL, or “good,” cholesterol levels. The citrus gives your glass a punch of vitamin C and a tangy, slightly sour zip, while the rosemary makes the drink extra tempting on the nose—once you get a whiff, you won’t want to wait to take a sip!

Don’t like grapefruit? Get the same vitamin C kick—and a different punch of flavor—by swapping in fresh-squeezed orange instead. Get the full Rosemary Grapefruit Kombucha Mocktail recipe here! >

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