Tone Your Tummy with Easy Side Plank

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Low Impact Exercise Modified Side Plank Yoga for Beginners

Wish you could tone your tummy without ever doing another crunch? Say hello to side plank!

Well, it actually exists and it’s called the Modified Side Plank! You can literally keep your knee on the ground the whole time. Modified Side Plank is the perfect exercise for targeting those deep muscles around your stomach, without messing up your neck or straining your back like a brutal set of crunches might. Balance is the key to this one, as your body works on stabilizing itself with the help of your core.

Say bye bye to that unsightly pooch by incorporating Modified Side Plank each day. It only takes seconds on each side!

TARGETS: Abs and obliques.


Step 1: Get into table top position.

Step 2: Keeping the front knee forward, send your right leg back. Root the right leg into the floor, stacked over the right knee.

Step 4: Roll the right shoulder up and raise your head towards the sky to open up the chest. Hold for 30 seconds and then repeat on the other side. To increase the intensity, you may also choose to straighten the knee, so that both legs are extended out to your side. If you do, place the leg of the side you are on slightly behind the other.

Note: If, at any point, you experience pain stop performing the exercise immediately.