Lessons on Persistence From the Turtle

Article posted in: Lifestyle

My friend Marion was making a left into her driveway the other evening when she saw something up ahead in the middle of the road. She parked and went up to investigate and discovered to her delight that the something was a turtle. It was moving, slowly but surely, away from her house, which isn’t exactly in a turtle habitat. She had no idea where the turtle had come from or where it was going but she knew it didn’t belong in the middle of the road, so she picked it up and carried it to her driveway.Then she went inside to get a box and some food for her new friend, so she could take him to a local animal shelter. She got distracted when she was in the house, and by the time she went back outside with the box and some kale, the turtle was gone. In a small panic now—she was getting attached to the terrapin—she went up the driveway and found the turtle moving inexorably in the same direction he was when she found him. So she picked him again and put him in the box with his leafy greens, then got back in her car to drive to the supermarket.

When she returned 20 minutes later, the box was tipped over, the kale was scattered on the driveway and the turtle was—you guessed it—moving up the driveway in the same direction. So again, she picked him up and put him in the box, and this time put it in her car and took him to the shelter, where the nice people assured her they’d figure out how to return him to the wild.

There’s a lesson in this for all of us, and not just the one about eating kale. That turtle moved slowly, but he moved surely. Nothing got in his way, not a do-gooder, not a box. He just kept going. One inch at a time. That’s how you lose weight. That’s how you live life. Persistence.