The 17 Most Logged SmartCarbs in NuMi

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On the Nutrisystem healthy eating plan, SmartCarbs are a list of carbohydrates that fall on the lower end of the glycemic index, and are more nutritious than other carb sources. These carbs have higher fiber content to promote slower digestion, helping you lose weight and feel satiated for longer periods of time.

As opposed to empty carbohydrates, SmartCarbs are packed with vitamins, minerals and many other nutrients that are essential to weight loss and overall health. Some examples include whole wheat pasta, cereals, brown rice, fresh or frozen fruit and starchy veggies.

Using the NuMi app, you can easily record your SmartCarb consumption to make sure you fit all the nutrients you need into your day.

Here are the top 17 most logged SmartCarbs in NuMi and why you should add them to your list of carbohydrates for the day, too:

1. Bananas

smartcarbs list of carbohydrates

As a super flexible and convenient snack, bananas have earned the top rank in NuMi SmartCarbs! Most note high amounts of potassium as the major benefit to eating this yellow fruit, but there is so much more to the story. Bananas carry vitamins B-6 and C, antioxidants and dietary fiber, which aids digestion. Always be sure to keep a bunch of bananas on hand for an easy, portable snack or recipe addition that packs a nutritional punch. It’s also smart to keep your freezer stocked with frozen bananas to use for a base in smoothies and “nice cream” recipes.

Recipe: Banana Split “Nice” Cream

2. Apples

apples smartcarbs list of carbohydrates

Rich in antioxidants, flavonoids, dietary fiber and potassium, apples are a staple in the diets of NuMi users. Much like bananas, apples are fantastic to have on hand, in place of high-calorie, high-fat sweets. Whole pieces of fruit like apples are a true fast food, ready to grab and eat, and are great for getting the nutrients you need when you’re on the go. They are also fabulous to cook with in healthy recipes. Like things super crispy? Turn them into chips!

Recipe: Air Fryer Apple Chips

3. Grapes

grapes smartcarbs list of carbohydrates

Whether green, red or purple, this juicy and sweet bite-size fruit contains antioxidants known as polyphenols and the flavonoid quercetin. They are also filled with potassium and are a fantastic low-calorie snack to munch on by themselves. No wonder frozen grapes are the oldest diet trick in the book! You can even squeeze them into weight-friendly recipes, like smoothies.

Recipe: Lean Green Grape Machine Smoothie

4. Blueberries

blueberries smartcarbs list of carbohydrates

As a source of dietary fiber, potassium, Vitamin C and folate, these delightful little berries are logged a ton by NuMi app users. Blueberries are also rich in antioxidants, providing your body with minerals and nutrients that set you up for weight loss success. Enjoy a small cup of blueberries with nuts for a quick afternoon snack, blend them into a smoothie, add them to the top of a crisp bed of salad or mix them into a healthy version of your favorite dessert.

Recipe: Easy Blueberry Pie Crumble

5. Strawberries

strawberries smartcarbs list of carbohydrates

These favorite berries are so delicious and bright with flavor to begin with, but their lower calorie count makes them that much sweeter! Not to mention, strawberries offer up a dose of vitamin C and antioxidants. You can eat them plain and whole, sliced on top of salads or oatmeal, blended into smoothies or in diet-friendly dessert recipes. That’s what NuMi users must be doing, because this popular SmartCarb is one of the most logged.

Recipe: Chocolate Strawberry Protein Oatmeal

6. Whole Wheat Bread

wheat bread list of carbohydrates


Low in calories and fat, but not in dietary fiber and protein, this healthy bread option is a simple food to work into your healthy meals and is popular with NuMi users. An easy and delicious go-to snack using whole wheat bread is avocado toast. Simply top whole wheat toast with avocado, some salad greens and any other veggies you might like. Another option is to make a skinny version of your favorite sandwich.

Recipe: Skinny Turkey Club

7. Whole Grain Crackers

whole grain crackers Recipe: Skinny Turkey Club SmartCarbs list of carbohydrate

With dietary fiber and protein, whole grain crackers make for a healthy and tasty snack, especially when combined with some healthy toppers or dips. Whole grain crackers are clearly a great standby for healthy munching for Nutrisystem dieters. Want to transform them into an energizing snack? Spread on the nut butter, a healthy cheese dip, hummus or guacamole.

Recipe: Easy Cheesy Pimento Dip

8. Red Potatoes, Baked

red potatoes whole grain crackers Recipe: Skinny Turkey Club SmartCarbs list of carbohydrate

Serving up a healthy dose of fiber, B vitamins, iron and potassium, potatoes with red skin and flesh are more nutritious and lower on the glycemic scale than white potatoes. Red potatoes are a wholesome option that bring homestyle comfort to any meal. NuMi users seem to agree!

Recipe: Carrot & Potato Fritters with Cilantro Yogurt Dip

9. Multigrain Bread

list of carbohydrates multigrain bread

A lot of people think bread is one of the first things to go when you commit to a diet. But, as long as it’s multigrain or whole wheat, it can still be on the table. High in fiber, folate and manganese, multigrain bread is a SmartCarb that NuMi users love. Just like whole wheat, be sure to use multigrain bread for your favorite healthy sandwiches or variations of avocado toast. Multigrain bread works perfectly in place of the whole wheat sandwich thin when making our Avocado Chicken Salad Sandwich.

Recipe: Avocado Chicken Salad Sandwich

10. Hummus

hummus list of carbohydrates

Made with blended chickpeas, hummus is a fantastic source of dietary fiber and protein to keep you fuller longer. It also contains manganese and folate, and is quite low in calories and fat. Hummus is a flexible, healthy diet staple that can be eaten with an abundance of fresh veggies or whole grain crackers. You can also spread it on your favorite sandwiches in place of mayo.

Recipe: Hummus

11. Watermelon

watermelon list of carbohydrates

A delightfully sweet and juicy fruit, watermelon satisfies the taste buds, while delivering potassium and vitamins A and C to your body. With its high water content, watermelon keeps you hydrated and keeps your belly feeling full. NuMi users regularly log watermelon as a SmartCarb.

Recipe: Watermelon Summer Salad with Quinoa

12. Oranges

orange list of carbohydrates

Known as Vitamin C rock stars, oranges also contain beneficial amounts of fiber, potassium, calcium, folate, as well as a variety of other vitamins and minerals—making them an extremely smart choice for a SmartCarb. While oranges make for another go-to portable snack, oranges can also be added to salads, smoothies and desserts.

Recipe: Orange Mango Slushie

13. Peaches

peaches list of carbohydrates

A juicy and delicious SmartCarb that NuMi users have logged thousands of times, peaches serve up potassium, calcium, magnesium and other minerals. Peaches are also high in Vitamin C and dietary fiber, making them an all-around smart choice for healthy carb consumption.

Recipe: Ginger Peach Shake

14. Sourdough Bread

skinny spinach dip sourdough bread list of carbohydrates

A deliciously light and hearty bread, sourdough gives a slightly more acidic taste than other styles of bread, making it an interesting and enjoyable option for sandwiches or dips at parties. Even though it doesn’t always get the same level of attention as whole wheat or whole grain, its solid amounts of potassium, dietary fiber, iron and protein, make sourdough a great bread option when trying to keep the pounds off. NuMi users are enjoying this variety of bread (as they should).

Recipe: Skinny Spinach Dip

15. Brown Rice

brown rice list of carbohydrates

A delicious and wholesome grain to work into your healthy-eating routine, brown rice can serve as the base to many flex meals. It makes sense that it’s one of the most logged SmartCarb by NuMi users. As a source of dietary fiber, potassium, Vitamin B-6 and magnesium, this unrefined version of white rice clearly retains many of its naturally-occurring nutrients.

Recipe: Ground Turkey and Veggie Curry with Brown Rice

16. Clementines

clementines list of carbohydrates

Juicy and delicious, these convenient, little fruits support a healthy diet, with high amounts of Vitamin C, potassium, dietary fiber and other vital nutrients. They’re anything but high-calorie and contain virtually no fat. Clementines are great for tossing into lunch bags or for quick grabbing when time is short. For a simple and delicious snack, munch on a clementine served with a hardboiled egg or string cheese.

17. Cantaloupe

cantaloupe list of carbohydrates

A delicious and mouth-watering breakfast option, snack or lunch side, cantaloupes carry vitamins A, B and C, potassium, magnesium and fiber. NuMi users are definitely raking in the benefits of this nutritional powerhouse. For a delightful dessert, cut a small cantaloupe in half, making a personal-sized “bowl” and add cottage cheese to the center.