Mom’s Advice and Weight Loss, Part 4

Article posted in: Diet & Nutrition

This week in Nutrisystem, we’re honoring mothers everywhere by reviewing some of Mom’s favorite sayings and seeing how they apply to your weight loss journey. Today’s installment is a classic, and one that anyone who’s losing weight can relate to sooner or later: What do you mean you have nothing to wear? Your closet is full of clothes!

This can seem like a reasonable question, but depending on the weight you’ve already lost, you know how quickly your clothes can “outgrow” you. A handy rule of thumb is that you will drop one clothes size for every ten pounds your lose. So if you’re hoping to lose 30 or 40 pounds on your weight loss journey, you’ll be down at least three sizes by the time you reach your goal. In other words, a woman would go from a size 14 all the way down to a size 8. Not bad.

But if you don’t make any adjustments to your wardrobe as your weight drops, your clothes could end up being very baggy and unflattering to your new figure. A common problem during weight loss is still seeing yourself through “fat” eyes: it can be hard to see the weight you’ve lost.

So to make sure you’re dressed for weight loss success, check yourself in the mirror periodically; try to assess yourself and your clothes through objective eyes. Better yet, enlist the help of a close and candid friend or spouse. When your clothes no longer fit, donate them to a charity, because you won’t need them any more. With everything you’re learning on Nutrisystem, you won’t ever need to go back to your old size again!