Nine Ways to Stick to Your Diet Plan at the Ballpark

Article posted in: Diet & Nutrition

It’s April at last, and with it comes the start of a new baseball season. If you’re a fan of The National Pastime, you can still enjoy going to the ol’ ballgame—as long as your head’s in the game. Here’s your starting lineup of nine ways to stick to your diet plan at the ballpark.

1. Scout the ballpark. Every team scouts its opponents—you should, too. Most teams have a map of their park on their website, with a listing of the various types of concessions. Check out where the stands are and plan accordingly.

2. Bring Nutrisystem food with you. It’s your best bet. Bars are the easiest to carry, but keep them in a refrigerated bag, especially for day games.

3. Bring plenty of water. As much as the stadium rules allow. It will help keep you full and stay hydrated, which is particularly important if you have a seat in the sun.

4. Use your Eating Out Guide. It fits in your pocket, and page 55 contains a list of dos and don’ts for stadium eating if you do choose to buy something.

5. Enjoy the walk. There’s certainly ample opportunity to walk at the ballpark—so get up and walk around every few innings. And if you do buy food, hit a stand that is far away.

6. Stay occupied. Get a program and keep score of the game. Be entertained by the scoreboard and the mascot. Follow out-of-town scores. There’s plenty to do to bide your time besides eating!

7. Trust your teammates. People you’re with will be eating and drinking things you won’t. Make sure they know you’re working hard to lose weight and stay focused on your own food plan.

8. Don’t strike out with alcohol or soda. You’re better off with water: calorie-dense beer and sodas can dehydrate you.

9. Remember why you’re there. You’re there to root for the home team and to make memories. So pay attention to the game and chat away during the frequent breaks in the action.