Nutrisystem’s Running Playlist

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Yesterday we brought you the playlist of songs that just flat-out make us happy. Today we’re going to crank up the beats per minute a bit and bring to you a playlist of songs we love to run or walk to.: a running playlist. Funny thing about running playlists is that you sometimes need that hi-rev to get you moving. And sometimes you find you’re outrunning your own list—your music can’t keep up with you! Whatever the case, enjoy this list, and build it out. And share your favorite exercise music with us at or on Twitter at @Nutrisystem. See you out there!“Thunderstruck” AC/DC (Adam Young)

“Shut Up and Dance” Walk the Moon (Nicholas Petricca, Benjamin Berger, Eli Maiman, Ryan Mcmahon, Kevin Ray, Sean Waugaman)

“Firework” Katy Perry (Sandy Wilhelm, Tor Erik Hermansen, Tor Hermansen, Sandy Julien Wilhelm, Katy Perry, Wilhelm, Mikkel Eriksen, Esther Dean)

“Bad Case of Loving You” Robert Palmer (John Martin)

“This is How We Do It” Montell Jordan (Johnathon Meadows, Ricky Walters, Glenda Joyce Hudson, Oji Pierce, Montell Jordan, Albert Vernon Hudson, DaveRoberson Jr, Ricky M. L. Walters, Gregory Allen Greene, Theodore Dudley, Terry Wayne Morgan)

“All I Wanna Do” Sheryl Crow (Sheryl Suzanne Crow, David Baerwald, David Francis Baerwald, Wyn Cooper, Bill Bottrell, Kevin Gilbert)

“Lean On” Major Lazer (Philip Meckseper, William Sami Grigahcine, Steve Guess, Thomas Wesley Pentz, Karen Marie Orsted)

“Raise Your Glass” Pink (Alecia Moore, Max Martin, Shellback)

“Can’t Stop Dancin'” Becky G. (Rebbeca Gomez, Theron Makiel Thomas, Lukasz Gottwald, Henry Walter, Saul Vasquez)