The 8 People Who Need to Try Nutrisystem Right Now

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You’ve counted calories, eaten nothing but cabbage soup for weeks, went off white foods and even spent money you didn’t really have on expensive diet food.. and it all worked… for a while.

You lost a little weight, then gained a lot. It’s almost made you want to swear off diet plans forever. Don’t give up. Remember that old saying, “There’s a lid for every pot”? There’s a diet plan out there just for you and it just might be Nutrisystem.

Consider joining team Nutrisystem if:

1. You have a lot—or a little—weight to lose.

people who need nutrisystem

Whether you’ve packed on the freshman 15 or the menopause 25, even if you’ve piled up 100 pounds or more, Nutrisystem can work for you. Maybe you’re like Erin B., who was able to lose over 100 pounds* that she gained while coping with a nasty divorce. Today, thanks to Nutrisystem, she says she does “things I would never had dreamed of before—with gusto,” including long distance hiking, lap swimming, biking and paddle-boarding. And she “never once felt hungry.”

Or maybe your story is closer to that of Holly M., who at 52, knew her menopausal weight gain had less to do with hormones than it did her love of sweets. She was able to lose over 20 pounds* on Nutrisystem after hearing celebrity ambassador Marie Osmond talk about losing 50 pounds* and still being able to eat chocolate ice cream. “I’m all in for anything that involves chocolate,” she says. “I love my sweets.” Today, she explains that she “doesn’t feel old anymore,” and she “feels amazing inside and out.”

2. You love your comfort foods.

Most Logged Nutrisystem Foods in Numi Chicken Parmesan

Friday night pizza, Sunday night pasta and any-old-time ice cream—they’re not going away, not on the Nutrisystem plan. You can even have a Meatloaf Sandwich or Chicken Parm, just like mom used to make. The only difference is that they’re perfectly portioned. Nutrisystem’s weight loss plan is based on the premise that you can cut calories and find ways to lose weight without depriving yourself.

The reason: Studies have demonstrated that deprivation is one of the biggest reasons people fail on diet plans. Forced to resist your favorite foods day after day, you eventually give in, binge and feel like you’ve just undone all your best efforts. That’s why you won’t be giving up anything but unhealthy ingredients and a little bit of that portion size on the Nutrisystem diet plan.

3. You’re crazy busy—or a little lazy.

Ever wished you had a personal chef? With Nutrisystem, you do. Our weight loss meals come directly to your door and can be on your table in minutes with little to no prep. This convenience can give you a quick weight loss edge. A study published last year in the journal Obesity found that people eating pre-packaged diet plan meals lost more weight and more body fat—as well as improved their cholesterol levels more—than those who selected their own meals. And the people with prepackaged meals felt just as satisfied with their diet food as those who were making it themselves.

4. You’re on a budget.


One of the biggest myths about Nutrisystem cost is that it’s expensive. You can choose from a variety weight loss plans, the most economical being the Basic plan. Here, you pay less than $11 a day for a four week meal plan delivered to your door (and shipping is free!). Think you could do this yourself? A 2010 study, published in the journal Family Medicine, found that it would cost you about $13.75 a day to buy and prepare nutritionally balanced weight loss meals. Bonus: With Nutrisystem, you also get full access to trained Weight Loss Coaches for support.

Hint: They can also help you save money on your groceries! Just ask!

5. You don’t want to give up whole food groups.

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Love carbs? Feel fuller eating fats? Fine with us! You won’t have to eliminate entire food groups when you diet the Nutrisystem way. There are no “forbidden” foods that can make you yearn for them even more. You’ll learn how to make smart choices—not to mention how to assess normal portion sizes—so you can incorporate all the food groups into a healthy meal plan for life.

6. You need to stay accountable.

People who need Nutrisystem

Many of the men and women who have reached their goal weights on the Nutrisystem program say that being accountable was a key factor in their weight loss success stories. A study at the University of Illinois found that it was critical to the weight loss success of the women they studied—women who’d lost a significant amount of weight on an 18-week diet and exercise program. Those who didn’t have at least one other person to hold them accountable were more likely to regain the weight they lost.

On Nutrisystem, you not only have access to a full team of expert Weight Loss Coaches, you also have NuMi, an app that makes it a cinch to record everything you eat and drink. NuMi will even keep track of your weight loss and workouts. Then, you also have The Leaf, which provides hundreds of scientifically vetted tips for safe weight loss, plus dietitian-approved recipes when you choose to do your own thing at meal-time. It’s not the “food police,” but it’s still a super easy way to stay on track.

7. You hate counting calories… or anything else.

People who need Nutrisystem

No worries. Nutrisystem does that for you. You don’t have to guess portion size or calorie count. Our prepackaged weight loss food comes in the perfect portions with the nutritional value already calculated for you. That will help you when you’re on your own: You’ll have become acclimated to the right portions of the right foods to stay healthy and keep the weight off.

8. You want to maintain your weight loss.

people who need nutrisystem

You’ve lost weight before and gained it back. Welcome to a great big club. By some estimates, a third to two-thirds of dieters who lose at least 10 percent of their body weight gain it back—and then some. Like weight loss, Nutrisystem makes managing weight maintenance easy.

Once you’ve lost all the weight you want, you move to a Nutrisystem Success plan. While following this diet plan, you’ll continue to incorporate all of your Nutrisystem favorites—the delicious and convenient meal and snack options that landed you here in the first place, while gradually adding in more Flex meals and snacks. The plan comes with nifty color-coded containers designed to hold perfect portions of healthy food—one for veggies, fruit, starches, proteins and so on.

You’ll have continued access to The Leaf, so you can keep choosing healthy recipes to prepare on your own. Most meals take fewer than 20 minutes to prepare and they’ll always be nutritionally balanced. It doesn’t get much easier than that to stay trim and healthy forever.

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