4 Science-Backed Reasons a Personalized Diet Plan Works

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When it comes to weight loss plans, one size definitely does not fit all. That’s not a shocker: You’re probably aware of hundreds of different diets that work for some people and not for others. You’ve probably even tried a few yourself, with varying degrees of success. The lesson: The same dietary advice doesn’t work for everyone. That’s why Nutrisystem takes information you provide about yourself to create a personalized plan tailored for YOU.

Our personalized programs are built for your age, gender, height, weight and activity level in order to create a plan that you can stick too, enjoy and lose weight. It will even adapt to your metabolism throughout your journey! A personalized weight loss plan that fits your needs is the one that will work best. That’s not just our opinion. Science proves it!

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Check out four science-backed reasons that a personalized diet plan is the best path to success:

1. Same foods. Different people. Different results.

different people

Nutrition facts can’t completely predict how foods will affect your weight. According to Time Magazine, a recent study that gave 240 pairs of twins the same foods revealed that the siblings’ bodies didn’t always react identically. Foods that gave one twin a blood sugar spike didn’t necessarily do the same to the other twin. One twin might have elevated insulin or fat levels after a meal, while the other did not. Part of this revelation may have to do with gut heath. Time Magazine shares another study that found identical twins only share about 37% percent of the same types of gut bacteria.

The study’s author says that this doesn’t mean that all generalized guidelines should go out the window—eating fresh vegetables and fiber have loads of weight loss and health benefits, while cutting back on calories is necessary to lose weight. However, it does mean that diets aren’t—and can’t be—one-size-fits-all. While the Nutrisystem® program is personalized, all plans will still incorporate these tried and true general guidelines, such as increased fresh vegetables and high fiber intake.

2. Personal problems need personal solutions.


General weight loss and nutrition advice is great. However, if you’re already eating enough vegetables, telling you to eat enough vegetables isn’t very helpful. So, when scientists tested out a coaching approach that focused on food goals that were individualized, people ate healthier. According to ScienceDaily, a study published in the International Journal of Epidemiology, gave a group of people three food-focused goals that were based on their individual preferences and problems. They were simple goals, such as eating less high fat dairy products or adding more whole grains. In six months, the group with specific, individualized goals ate healthier than a group that was given generic advice.

Not only do the Nutrisystem personalized programs give you a plan designed to your height, gender, age, weight and activity level, but there’s another way members can get individualized help: Nutrisystem Weight Loss Coaches. They’re an incredible resource that can help you through a weight loss struggle, answer questions about food preparation and nutrition, help you set personal health goals and even just lend a friendly ear. The Coaching Team has spoken to thousands of members, meaning they’ve probably talked with a dieter who has had your exact question before—and they’re ready to provide the individualized guidance you need.

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3. If it’s made for you, you’ll stick to it.


The most important “secret” to the success of any weight loss plan is that you’ve got to follow it. Several studies have found that despite the type of diet, it will work better when dieters adhere to their plan. In The Journal of the American Medical Association, a 2018 study revealed that “there was no significant difference in weight change between a healthy low-fat diet vs a healthy low-carbohydrate diet.” Another study, published in the International Journal of Obesity, assigned three different types of diets to 181 women who were overweight or obese for one year. They found that regardless of the specific diet assigned, weight loss was greater in those who adhered to their diet better.

You don’t need studies to tell you that a weight loss plan you enjoy and fits into your life will be easier to stick to. Sure, you can force yourself to eat foods you don’t like, eat on a schedule that doesn’t work for you and avoid every craving because it’s not an “approved” food. But willpower only lasts so long.

Instead of relying on willpower 24 hours a day, the personalized plans help by sending you foods that you choose. We provide a wide variety of foods—from chocolate and salty snacks to savory soups and entrees—that can help to satisfy whatever craving you may be having. When a weight loss plan has meals and snacks that you enjoy and help you stay satisfied, it’s easier to stay on plan.

4. Foods aren’t universally “good” or “bad.”


One-size-fits-all diets have one thing in common: They deem certain types of food as universally good and others as universally bad. Not only does this ignore the different ways that different bodies respond to foods, as discussed in Trends in Molecular Medicine, but it also sets up those who do succeed at losing weight for a big crash.

When foods are “forbidden,” dieters relapse hard once they’ve stopped their diet. According to Live Science, a study was conducted with three groups of participants: The first group was told they could have chocolate, the second was told to avoid chocolate and the third was told they could have chocolate later. At the end of the study, they found that the group who was told to avoid chocolate ate almost double the amount of chocolate than the third group who was told to eat it later. The group who had been forbidden to eat chocolate also ate it an average of 4.48 times over the following week, almost four times as often as the group that had been told just to wait a bit before eating the candy.

Instead of making your favorite foods forbidden, Nutrisystem offers pizzas, pastas, cookies, crackers and cakes that fit in with your plan. Our guidance on Flex Meals teaches you to prepare, order and eat other favorites in ways that align with your weight loss goals. We don’t just teach you how to lose weight with our plans. We also teach you how to keep it off!

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