Plan Ahead to Succeed this Week!

Article posted in: Diet & Nutrition

Nutrisystem is in tip mode this week, offering advice to help you reach your weight loss goal. Today, we offer some pointers on how to plan ahead, which will really help you stay on program and make the most of time with family and friends. Grab a pen and a piece of paper!

  • Schedule, schedule, schedule: Take 30 quiet minutes every Sunday to sit down with a planner in front of you. If you know and internalize everything coming at you this week, you’ll have fewer surprises and curve balls thrown at you. Write down everything you have to do, from work to meetings to driving the kids. Be sure to schedule time for exercise, too. The more you know about your week, the fewer surprises you’ll have to deal with. And surprises are potholes on the road to weight loss.
  • When you’re planning, be sure to coordinate the Nutrisystem entrée your planning to have with whatever the family is eating. Is Friday pizza night? Let the family order from the local pizzeria while you make a Nutrisystem pizza. Then, add arugula to your pie and offer it as a salad for the family. (Watch this #VeggieSexy video on how to prepare arugula pizza.) Are they eating roast chicken? Prepare some sauteed spinach, which goes perfectly with your Nutrisystem Chicken Pot Pie. (Watch this #VeggieSexy video on how to prepare spinach.) You’re all eating well, and you won’t make yourself crazy preparing multiple meals.
  • As part of the planning, look at the week’s menus. Then, with that weekly menu in hand, head to the grocery store to stock up on a week’s worth of the vegetables and lean proteins you’ll need to round out the food you have at home. If you come home from work and the ingredients are already in the fridge, you’ll be able to stick with the plan and stay on program.