Kitchen Playlist: Music to Cook By, Volume 1

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I got home kind of late from work the other night and needed to get dinner on the table quickly. The kids had a small window of time to eat between homework and a soccer practice under the lights, and I was hell-bent on putting a healthy and home-cooked meal in front of them. I opted for a stir fry, and in the interest of time bought the more expensive but also more convenient chopped vegetables and pre-sliced beef from the grocery store. Still, I was dragging when I got home and needed something to get me going and keep me on my feet in front of the stove. So I came up with this kitchen playlist. Some of the songs are related to food, some are just boogie-down favorites.Do you have favorite songs to cook to? Share them with us on Twitter and Facebook!

“Mambo Italiano”—Rosemary Clooney

“I Feel Good”—James Brown

“Got to Give It Up”—Marvin Gaye

“Come Fly With Me”—Frank Sinatra

“La Vie en Rose”—Edith Piaf

“Cheeseburger in Paradise”—Jimmy Buffet

“So What”—Miles Davis

“Salt Peanuts”—Dizzie Gillespie

“Bad Case of Lovin’ You (Doctor, Doctor)”—Robert Palmer

“Valerie”—Amy Winehouse