RSVP ‘Yes!’ to the New You

Article posted in: Lifestyle

Are your holiday invitations piling up yet? Good!

This year, instead of lamenting about how you wish you’d lost weight before the holiday season so you could have looked your fittest at the festivities, we’re demanding that you nix the negativity and put your best (well-dressed) foot forward!

So maybe you aren’t at your goal weight just yet. But you’ve made the commitment and you’re on your way to the new you. You’ve acknowledged the need for change and you’ve begun your journey. In the meantime, life is still happening! There’s no reason you should wait until the scale reads a certain number to decide you’re worthy enough to start living it.

So how can you show yourself some love this season? How about splurging on a new outfit or, for the ladies, some great jewelry to add some sparkle to your celebrations? Treat yourself to something that won’t let you hide in a corner even if you wanted to. Commemorate the first day of the rest of your life with something that makes you feel over-the-top fabulous.

RSVP “yes” to all of those invitations, and then go ahead, get glammed up—you deserve it. It’s time for you to be present in your life. Recognize the progress you’ve made and the progress that you will make, and celebrate it by allowing yourself to feel good about you right now.

Your life is waiting… reclaim it in style!