Small Changes, Big Results

Article posted in: Lifestyle

We were driving home from work the other night and heard a story on the radio about tweaks—small changes that can have big results. (The most interesting one, by the way, concerned having customers stand in a single line to check out at supermarkets, the way they do at banks. Efficiency experts say it’s much faster than having shoppers jockey into position at individual registers. Just sayin’.) Which got us thinking: what small tweaks could we make to weight loss programs, or our daily lives, to help lose some pounds. Here are two tweaks and the amount of weight they can help you lose over the course of a year if you implement them into your daily routine:1. Skip the sugar in your morning drink. Let’s say you drink two cups of coffee or tea each day, and that you put two packets of sugar into each drink. One packet contains one teaspoon of sugar, which according to the US Department of Agriculture (USDA) has 16 calories. So 16 calories times four packets equals 64 extra calories in your coffee. Multiply 64 calories by 365 days and you have 23,360 calories, which is the equivalent of 6.7 pounds. Cut sugar out of your hot drink and within a year you will have lost almost 7 pounds. We have actually done this, and recommend you don’t go cold turkey; cut out half a pack at a time until you’re completely sugar free.

2. Cut soda from your diet. We know. We used to love it, too. And what’s not to love? Sweetness and an energy boost in a single can. Or bottle. Or fountain drink. But all those ounces contain a ton of sugar—enough to deliver 138 calories per standard can of sweetened soda. So let’s say you have a 12-ounce can of soda with lunch every day. That’s 50,000 calories in a year, or 14.4 pounds. So switch to water with lunch—or a seltzer—and by doing nothing else you’ll lose 14.4 pounds in a year.

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More tweaks tomorrow.