Ate too much? Here’s how to get back on track!

Article posted in: Diet & Nutrition

So you had three too many slices of pizza last night. Or you somehow just devoured a sleeve of cookies, a bag of pretzels or your daughter’s ice cream cone (after eating your own). We’ve all been there, we’ve all done that—and it’s okay. What matters most is what happens next. Here’s how to get back on track.

Let go of the guilt. No dwelling, no beating yourself up about it, and most importantly, no throwing in the towel. One slip-up won’t derail all your good efforts; you only get in diet trouble when overindulging becomes a habit. So forgive yourself, and start fresh from your very next meal or snack.

Step off the scale. The number you’re staring at is likely higher, but not because you put on body fat. Instead, it’s reflecting water retention from the extra salt that was in pizza, pretzels or whatever food you overate. Hold off for a few days before weighing yourself again.

Don’t skip meals. Especially not breakfast, which you need to get your metabolism humming. Plus, you’re not going to make up for the extra calories by avoiding food; you’ll only end up hungrier and therefore tempted to overeat again.

Exercise like normal. Push your workout harder to try and burn off the excess calories, and you may end straining something or hurting yourself—and then you can’t exercise. Just do what you normally do, which is hopefully some form of physical activity, on most days.