How to Stock Your Work Snack Drawer for Weight Loss

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healthy snacks on a work desk

Anyone making an effort to achieve healthy weight loss knows: There are about a million unhealthy snack options around us every day. When life gets busy and your stomach starts growling, it can be easy to slip into the habit of grabbing a bag of chips or a candy bar at the local convenient store, if you don’t have snacks at the ready.

But, your health is too valuable to not make wise snacking choices. Your daily snacks should be setting you up for weight loss success, so plan them out so that you have easy-to-store quick bites that are satisfying and will aid you on your weight-loss journey.

Choose snacks that do not require refrigeration and can be scooped up on the go or enjoyed in between work meetings. Re-think fast food, and consider these quick, healthy and easy-to-store options to keep on hand for when your belly starts rumbling.

Nuts or Nut Butters

For a tasty quick bite that will give you an energy boost, store a bag of nuts in your desk drawer or keep them close by in the kitchen at home. Nuts contain omega-3 fatty acids, protein, fiber, vitamins and minerals, all things that contribute to weight-loss and a healthy diet. Try munching on these lower calorie nuts to keep your eating plan in check: almonds, cashews and pistachios. But, remember to avoid nuts that have been roasted in oil. Be sure to snack on raw nuts or ones that have been dry roasted. You can also enjoy the health benefits of nuts by noshing on nut butter with a piece of fruit.

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Fresh or Dried Fruit

Keep some whole, raw fruit at the ready for when the afternoon stomach growls come on. Easy storing fruits to keep on standby are apples, bananas, pears and oranges. If you plan to store some fruit at work, just be sure to eat it all in a timely fashion. Your coworkers will not appreciate fruit flies or the smell! Also, be aware that certain fruits like peaches will turn faster than apples, for example. Even better to keep in your snack drawer is dried fruit, since it has a much longer shelf life. Munch on dried mangos, bananas or apples, or try some dates or figs to satiate a sweet tooth.

Protein Powder

For a quick, concentrated punch of energy, mix up some protein powder with water or coconut water. Nutrisystem’s Protein Shakes are great to have on hand, whether in your desk or in your purse on the go. Just mix with water, and you are all set to power through the day with a fast, protein-rich snack that will keep you satisfied on your journey to healthy weight loss.

Nutrisystem Snacks

If healthy weight loss is your goal, it’s also a good idea to keep a non-frozen Nutrisystem snack or quick heat-up meal on hand. Choose from a variety of snacks including popcorn and pretzels and stock up on a variety of delicious soups, to have both lunch and dinner options available in a pinch.