6 Easy Tips to Beat the Heat

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It’s hot out. Really hot. So we thought we’d share some tips with you on how to stay cool this summer while still staying on your weight loss program. Have any tips on how to beat the heat that you’d like to share? Send them to us at Facebook.com/Nutrisystem.

1. Dress for the heat.

Wear light-colored, loose-fitting clothes. Light colors reflect the sun rather than absorbing the heat. Loose fits allow the skin to breathe and cooling air to circulate.

2. Stay hydrated.

You may be sitting in a chair at work, in a well-air-conditioned office, but you’re still losing precious fluids in the dry air. Be sure to have at least the recommended 64 ounces of water, and try to add a little more. We never walk by a cooler or water fountain without taking a drink, especially this time of year. And as refreshing as lemonade, sweet tea or soda may be, they’re all filled with sugar, so stay away from them. Try some infused water recipes instead! >

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3. Slow down.

Sounds almost too easy, but avoid doing anything strenuous during the hottest part of the day. Just take it easy the rest of the time when it’s this warm. This doesn’t mean you should skip exercise all together, but be sure to adjust your routine to the heat. Check out these five hacks for hot weather exercise. >

4. Seek out air conditioning.

Whenever possible, find a place with air conditioning. Just a few minutes in cooler temperatures can bring down your core temperature and make you feel better.

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5. Avoid heavy meals.

You already knew this from being on the Nutrisystem program, but what’s true in cooler weather is doubly true in warmer: try several small meals each day, enough so that you feel full but not so much that you feel weighed down. Heat won’t bother you as much this way.

6. Close the curtains.

As much as we love sunlight, we know how it can drive up the temperatures, especially as it passes through glass windowpanes. Draw the blinds when the sun is shining on windows.

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