Don’t Panic About Weight Fluctuation

Article posted in: Diet & Nutrition

Nutrisystem Weight Loss Coach Beth is back, with some valuable information and sound advice about what to do when the reading on your scale yo-yos: Weight fluctuation is not only completely normal, but it’s also to be expected on any weight loss plan. Just know that, on the Nutrisystem program, you aren’t eating enough calories to gain any fat when following the outline! Your body can be juggling changes in fat, muscle mass and water, so be patient, because your body knows what it’s doing. Seeing the number on the scale suddenly go up when it’s been trending downward can really throw you off, so take some of the focus off the number on the scale.

Start focusing on reshaping your body and your health as a better way to gauge your progress and to not get discouraged. Look for small wins. Do your clothes fit you differently? Are they looser in the right places? How about compliments? Maybe someone said you were looking good. Were you able to go up a flight of stairs or chase after a small child without getting winded or sore? Those are all great signs that your program is working, and can be just as valuable as lower numbers on a scale.

Just remember all of this down and up then down again is a normal part of weight loss. Don’t let it get you down! This can be where we lose steam. Judge your weight loss on what YOU do rather than how your body reacts to it. Be proud of the changes that you have control over such as the choices you are making to stick to the plan. You are doing great things for your body regardless of the number on the scale, so be sure to keep that in mind! And don’t be a slave to the scale. Don’t weigh in every day.