Who’s Your Swim Buddy?

Article posted in: Lifestyle

If you have kids, you know the deal: summer time means summer camp. And summer camp means “swim buddies.”

We love the idea of swim buddies. In it’s simplest form, a swim buddy is someone who knows where you are at all times and will let the counselors know if something’s wrong. At it’s most evolved form, it’s someone who’s always looking out for you, who has your back and will take some risks to make sure you’re okay. It’s someone who’s always concerned about your welfare, maybe even when you’re not. It’s someone who wants to work with you to help you reach your goals, who’ll inspire you and poke and prod you and nag you until you do the right thing. Part guardian angel, part inspiration, part lifeguard—that’s a swim buddy.

And we all need one.

And we all need to be one.

You can’t get through life without a swim buddy. And you may be able to get through a weight loss program without one, but take it from us: it’s much, much easier to succeed with someone watching your back and keeping you on the straight and narrow.

So we want to know: Who’s your swim buddy? Think about it.