The Positive Power of Touch

Article posted in: Lifestyle

Here’s news we were thrilled to hear: a study at London’s University College and reported in the journal Current Biology found that after touching another person’s skin, most people are inclined to rank the other’s skin as being softer than their own. That’s not the great part, though. The researchers who conducted the study, led by Professor Aikaterini Fotopoulou, suggest that this phenomenon may exist to ensure that humans are motivated to build social bonds through touch. The effect was most profound when the touch involved was a stroke or caress, and when done intentionally rather than inadvertently.

Many studies have shown a powerful connection between touch and wellness, the power of touch. And while few studies have been conducted trying to identify a connection between touch and weight loss, we’d like to suggest that the emotional wellness that comes from both touching a loved one and being touched in return can help with weight loss. Why? Because a touch feels good. It means that someone else is there for you and cares for you enough to reach out. It means you’re not alone.

So many times on a weight loss journey, it can seem as if you’re doing everything by yourself. The whole rest of the world is having fun, eating whatever they want and wearing the newest fashions, running 5ks or chasing the kids around the park. Meanwhile, you’re off to the side, struggling, alone.

Well, you’re not alone. There is a whole community of people on the same path you’re on, working, struggling, trying, failing, trying again and succeeding. You might not always know it, but they’re there. So when you have the opportunity to touch someone, think of it as a chance to say, I’m here, too, and I know what you’re going through. I’m going through it, too. And we can do it together. Whether it’s a real stroke or a metaphorical one, let people know you’re there and that you care. You’ll be glad you did, and so will they.