Three Sweat-Free Life Hacks

Article posted in: Diet & Nutrition

You can lose a noticeable amount of weight by making some very simple, sweat-free changes to your daily routine. Here are three sweat-free hacks that will have you feeling great immediately, even if you do nothing else in your weight loss plan. They all assume that a deficit of 3,500 calories means you will lose one pound.

1. Take The One Mile Solution: Draw a circle with a one-mile radius around your home. Then resolve to replace one car trip a day within that radius with walking or a bicycle trip. The average person burns 85 calories walking one mile at an easy pace, and 62 calories riding a bike at an easy pace. If you take one round-trip per day for the next 14 weeks, you’ll lose 4.75 pounds by walking and 3.5 pounds by cycling. You’ll also save money on gasoline and wear on your car, and Mother Nature will thank you for reducing your carbon footprint.

2. Stand at Your Desk: The average person will burn 226 more calories per day standing at her desk during a seven-hour work day than she will by sitting, according to Over the course of 14 work weeks, that’s a weight loss of 4.5 pounds.

3. Replace Soda With Water or Seltzer: The standard 12-ounce can of non-diet soda contains 143 calories. Drink two of those a day and you’ve added 300 calories to your diet, or 1,500 calories a week. That’s a whopping six pounds you’ll lose by replacing the soda with calorie-free water or bubbly seltzer. And cheapskates rejoice: If you’re not feeding the workplace vending machine a buck each time you jones for a soda, you’re saving almost $200. Plus, your skin will thank you for hydrating it properly.