Unplug Your Phone and Free Your Mind

Article posted in: Diet & Nutrition

I just got back from vacation. Unlike previous trips, this one took us way, way off the grid, to a place with spotty Internet connection, either by cell or WiFi. I thought that being out of touch might cause me some anxiety, but it didn’t.

Actually, it was pretty great.

I’ve never realized just how much time I spent staring at the screen of my phone or the computer I’m currently writing on until I put them away in a closet because they didn’t work where I was anyway. I was forced to unplug my phone. The way technology links the word can be amazing. But being so linked means you sometimes miss things right under your nose.

For example, I noticed that some wasps were building a hive under the eaves outside my bedroom. It was tiny, but when we got there but after a few days it was pretty big; they worked hard. I listened to the thrum of rain on the roof during a downpour. I read a novel—an actual physical book, not one presented on a small screen. I played Boggle with my wife and daughters. I floated in the pool.

And I thought, a lot. About what the last year had been like and what I wanted the next year to be like. I came up with a plan.

I’m not sure I would have been able to have done any of this had I been tethered to the rest of the world by my phone or computer. Obligations become a constant when you have a phone in your pocket or by your bedside; there’s no way to turn them off. And there’s no way to examine your own life if someone is texting you all the time.

So this week, we urge you to take a day and unplug your phone. Check out, even if it’s just for an hour. Let your mind float free. You’ll be amazed where the rest of you goes.