Video: Can You Spell Your Nutrients?

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In honor of this week’s National Spelling Bee, Nutrisystem’s video crew hit the streets of Washington, DC to find out if people can spell their nutrients. We’ll admit there are some tough ones in there. But watch this video and see how well you’d do spelling the names of some vitamins and important nutrients. You’ll also learn what each one does, and in what foods you can find them!


Interviewer: This week is the National Spelling Bee so we’re out here to see if people in Washington, D.C. can spell some nutrients that should be in their diets.
All right. So the first one is riboflavin, which is another name for vitamin B2. Riboflavin is important for the activation of other vitamins, and if you have a deficiency it can lead to cancer or a condition called stomatitis, which sounds really bad. So do you think you could riboflavin?

Male 1: Yes. Riboflavin, R-I-B-O-F-L-A-V-E-N.

Male 2: R-I-B-O-F-L-A-V-I-N.
[Ding sound]

Interviewer: Thiamin, and thiamin is another name for vitamin B1, and if you don’t get enough you could have neuropathy. You could become irritable or confused or even die. Do you think you can spell thiamin for me?

Male 3: I’m going to try. T-H-I-M-A.

Male 4: T-H-I-O-M-E-N.
[Buzzer sound]

Male 5: T-H-Y.
[Buzzer sound]

Male 6: T-H-I-A-M-I-N.
[Ding sound]

Interviewer: Yeah. What’s up?
Choline, which is a nutrient related to B vitamins. It is important in cognitive development, and it’s found in peas, spinach, egg yolks and fish.

Male 7: What’s the word again?

Interviewer: Choline.

Male 8: Choline? C-O-L-I-N-E?
[Buzzer sound]

Female 1: C-O-L-E-N-E.
[Buzzer sound]

Female 2: C-O-L-E-I-N?
[Buzzer sound]

Female 3: C-H-O-L-I-N-E?
[Ding sound]

Interviewer: Yeah.
Lutein, which is related to vitamin A, and people refer to lutein as the eye vitamin.

Male 9: Lutein, L-U-E-T-E-I-N.
[Buzzer sound]

Female 4: Lutein, L-U-T-I-N-E?
[Buzzer sound]

Female 5: Now I’m going to say L-U-T-E-I-N.
[Ding sound]

Interviewer: Rock and roll.

[End of Audio]