Mason Jar Salads: Easy, Delicious, Lunch on the Go

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The hottest thing to hit the food world since sirracha, mason jar salads are as beautiful to look at as they are delicious to eat. Add some protein and you have a healthy, nutritious and completely on-program Nutrisystem meal that keeps you satisfied. Another bonus about mason jar salads: you can make them ahead of time, because they keep well in the refrigerator for up to four days.

In this video, Nutrisystem staff dietitian Mandi Knowles shows you how to make a #VeggieSexy mason jar salad using fresh vegetables and a Nutrisystem tuna salad entree. Remember: lettuce on top for freshness and crispness, and always shake well before serving. That’s the best part!

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Mandi Knowles: Layered Mason jar salads you’ve seen all over the Internet, and they don’t just look beautiful. They’re super convenient, and what’s great about them is you can make them once and leave them in the refrigerator for up to four days. Put the dressing on the bottom, and then layer the protein next.

For our protein in our salad we’ve chosen the Nutrisystem tuna salad, and if you’re using the tuna salad you don’t really need that much dressing because this is already mixed with mayonnaise.

Next we’re going to add the mushrooms, and I’m choosing to add the heavier vegetables at the bottom just to make sure that any of the softer vegetables don’t get wilted. Then layer on as many of your favorite vegetables as you want, and put the lettuce on the very top. This way it will prevent the lettuce from wilting.

So then you’re going to put the top on. Put it in the fridge. So when you’re ready to leave for work in the morning you just grab one of the containers and you’re good to go. And then at lunchtime all you do is shake it up, and when you shake it, you’re dressing the whole salad.

Share your veggiesexy Nutrisystem recipes with us on Facebook and Twitter. For Nutrisystem I’m Mandi Knowles.

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