Welcome to The Leaf: Your Success Starts Today!

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Nutrisystem is proud to present our new website, The Leaf. Our goal is simple: We intend to be your new home for everything you need to know about being your best self and living a happier, healthier life.

The community of health experts at Nutrisystem knows a lot about helping people reach their goals, and that’s what The Leaf is all about. We’re your daily destination for all the latest news about weight loss and maintaining a healthy weight, living an active, healthy lifestyle and preparing simple, delicious meals to help you reach your goals. Take a look around and you’ll see that The Leaf is packed with informative articles, recipes that are as simple to make as they are tasty and healthy, entertaining videos and quizzes and slideshows you’ll want to share with your friends. All delivered in the friendly, ecouraging way you’ve come to expect from your friends at Nutrisystem.

As easy as the Nutrisystem weight loss program is to follow, we know that the path to your goal can sometimes feel hard. You can count on The Leaf to provide you with a daily dose of motivation, inspiration and information to help you through the tough times, and you can count on us to be there to help you celebrate your victories. We’ll share stories of people just like you who have succeeded on our program and met their goals, and we’ll offer super-helpful and easy to follow tips to help you get there, too. And we’ll throw in some surprises along the way, too.

Your success starts today. Right here. Right now. With The Leaf. Enjoy!

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