What’s Your Weight Loss Spirit Animal?

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Knowing your personal weight loss style can help you approach dieting in a new, more intuitive way. Follow the questions below to find out what your weight loss spirit animal is, and read below to learn how it can guide you through your journey to healthy living!

weight loss spirit animal
The Jaguar

A solitary hunter by nature, the jaguar is a fierce, powerful animal. As your weight loss spirit animal, the jaguar is an all-or-nothing diet attacker. Play to your strengths by incorporating some drastic measures into your routine—such as donating all of your “fat clothes” at once, or giving away all of the junk food in your pantry. Give yourself a challenging solo workout routine, like training for a distance race (think running or cycling). Fight boredom by increasing the distance or time of your workout each week, or by adding in challenges (obstacle course race, anyone?), or adding in interval workout to your routine.

The Wolf
Wolves run in packs in the wild, and as your spirit animal, will show you the way of weight loss success by playing up your strength of the social pack mentality. Attack your weight loss head-on: Make clear goals and chart out how you’re going to conquer them. Incorporate group fitness like a Zumba class at the gym, an outdoor yoga class, a neighborhood 5k—anything that can get you out there and moving with your peers to motivate you. Leverage social media to keep you accountable: Join local groups or fitness challenges that will keep you checking in with your friends and on track to goal! And make a pact with a friend that you call each other anytime you’re tempted to stray from your diet.

The Sea Turtle
Majestic and wise, the sea turtle approaches life with a zen-like attitude. And as your weight loss spirit animal, lends insightful intuition and a focused, steadfast nature with which to conquer your goals. Take your weight loss slow and steady—arrange to donate one clothing item a week that no longer fits. You’ll see steady progress as losing weight becomes part of your healthy lifestyle. Cultivate your inner zen with exercises like yoga and pilates, or play up your love for water with a kayak trip or stand-up paddleboard lesson. Stay focused on the end goal and enjoy every step of your journey along the way, just like the sea turtle!

The Dolphin
In nature, dolphins are playful and highly intelligent. Your dolphin spirit animal embraces the fun-loving aspect of life (yes, even dieting!) and comes alive in the water. Embrace your strengths by incorporating fun challenges and workouts, like trying a new veggie every day or joining the local swim team. Use your smarts and intuition to stay in tune with what your body needs: Push harder if you’re getting bored or need to break through a plateau, and take it easy when your body needs to rest. Enjoy swimming as exercise but avoid falling into a rut by trying lots of new activities like water-based aerobics class, deep-water running, stand-up paddleboarding or kayaking.

The Koala
This cute and cuddly creature of the animal kingdom spends about 80 percent of its time resting. As your weight loss spirit animal, the koala does not speak “workout” and thinks crunches are the sound that yummy food makes. Now this might not seem too motivating, but don’t be fooled—the koala can help you reap major weight loss rewards. Play to your strengths—start with baby steps, make small changes one at a time and break up your bigger goals into smaller ones. Then reward yourself when you meet one (take a relaxing bath, a mid-day nap or a buy a new gym outfit). Enlist friends to work out with you and help you stay accountable, and try mellower routines like walking to get started.

Now that you’ve got your spirit animal to lead you to success—go out and conquer! You’ll learn to use your instinct and nature to play into your strengths, and attack your weaknesses. A healthy new you is just a step, pounce, stride—or underwater glide away.