You CAN Watch Football and Still Lose Weight!

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How did it happen that watching sports on TV got so connected to eating snacks? Why do the two go so seemingly hand-in-hand? Anyone who has ever watched a football game knows that among the National Football League’s official sponsors are companies that make soda, salty snacks, fast food, takeout pizza, beer and candy, among other things (not exactly foods to lose weight by!). Marketers go where the customers are, so if all those companies are huddling with the league, then it’s plain as day: Football and snacking are on the same team. (To be fair, so are cars, yogurt and insurance.)

But that doesn’t mean that watching a football game, live or in person, has to mean you can’t possibly lose weight. Here are some handy tips on how to watch football and not gain weight:

Watch it Standing Up

The simple act of standing helps you burn anywhere from 25 to 50 calories more per hour than sitting, depending on your size. A 130-pound woman burns 78 calories per hour sitting quietly, but 99 calories standing. And who’s going to stand quietly when their favorite team is on, right? Your friends know you want to lose weight, so they won’t wonder why you’re bouncing around. And if you’re in a crowded bar, everyone will be standing.

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Skip the Chips

Yes, they’re delicious and salty and crunchy and taste good. But when it comes to easy ways to lose weight, eating chips isn’t exactly on the list of to-dos. Opt instead for a Nutrisystem snack or the vegetable tray. Salsa tastes great on celery sticks, green pepper wedges or cucumber slices. And if there’s guacamole, have a little bit: Avocados are full of heart-healthy mono-unsaturated fats (MUFAs). Just be sure to put it on some veggies. Need some snacking inspiration? Try these 9 Tasty Ways to Enjoy the Big Game without the Big Gain! >

Water, Water Everywhere

Even the lightest beer has 65 calories or so. And while a beer could taste great, if you want to lose weight, not reaching your goal will feel worse than a beer will taste good. So opt instead for water or flavored seltzer, which have zero calories. Add some lemon or cucumber slices to perk it up, or a dash of hot sauce for a pick-me-up.

Have a Nutrisystem Pie

That pizza your buddy had delivered or the bar pie your friends just ordered can have as many as 700 calories in a single slice. If you’re watching the game at someone’s house, bring a delicious Nutrisystem Pizza, which you can prepare in less than five minutes in a microwave. You’ll have the satisfaction of eating a favorite food—and of knowing you stayed on your plan.